Stay At Home Mom – 5 Things You May Not Know

In the year 2014 the term “stay at home” mom is not so obsolete. As I browse Facebook and other social media sites I’m finding that there’s more and more women who seem to be giving this stay at home mom thing a shot. What I do still notice is that there is a ton of misinformation about being a stay at home mom; so I’m going to share five small facts about things you may not know.

Stay at home moms still work:

This statement will never get old because there will never be a shortage of idiots who believe that we don’t work simply because we stay at home. Doing loads of laundry, cooking, cleaning, tending to the children’s homework, spending time listening and interacting with the children, tending to the mate’s needs and trying to maintain our own sanity IS work. Add the errands that we have to run in the mix of all that and I’d say we’re probably working overtime.

Stay at home moms have other interests:

While I don’t think it’s always intentional, I find that people think they can’t talk to me about things outside of the home. Often times they ask me a million questions about the kids, the husband and how I’m juggling my domestic duties; but when it comes to asking me questions about other things I might be involved in,seemingly never happens. I do still watch the news,and occasionally watch t.v, and I read books,and amazingly I go on dates with my husband and leave the house. Yes, my family is my world, but I am still a person with versatile interests; coupon-ing and laundry detergent brands are not the crux of my knowledge.

Stay at home moms still have sex:

Okay, so maybe I can’t speak for anyone else on this matter, so I will only speak for me. Yes, cleaning the house and doing homework and running to the school for various projects and parent teacher conferences can be quite consuming. Between meal preparation and game night I can understand how some may feel the passion gets lost. However, that is not the case. Sex is an integral aspect of marriage and intimacy, so it’s something that I indulge in quite often.  I can whip up an arts and crafts project for my kids so quick it can make your head spin; but I can also whip up the sexy in the bedroom so quick it makes his head spin. Believe it.

Stay at home moms don’t all aspire to be Betty Crocker:

Listen, I don’t own an apron, I’ve probably never baked anything that didn’t come out of a box and I’m certainly not ironing and folding anything that belongs in the underwear drawer. I very much enjoy the activities involved with maintaining a smooth running household, but understand it can be chaos. A midst this chaos I’m not always wearing a charming grin. Sometimes I’m standing in the middle of the floor, pulling my hair out and screaming at the top of my lungs for God to grant magical powers of patience. I can be doting, but I can also be human. I’m not looking to be the poster girl of the stay at home mom. This isn’t the 50’s, I’m not sipping a nightcap in my buttoned up to the neck pajamas at night. I’m in my room butt naked with a bottle of Moscato repeatedly questioning how I gave birth in the first place.

It’s Not as Easy as it Looks:

Some people look at the stay at home mom experience and think we’re just so well-adjusted and doing it easily. The truth is, I’m far more critical of myself now than I was when I was working. I’m always worried about if I’m doing the right thing and if I’m somehow damaging my kids psyche for the future. I feel intimidated by the responsibility some time. Despite those nagging feelings of inadequacy, I still want this life. Now that I’ve had a chance to do it for myself, I wouldn’t trade it in for the work world. I guess that makes me as crazy as I must sound.

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