4 Things You May Have Forgot About Puberty

I’m pushing 30 years old so it would seem I should know all there is to know about puberty. On a physiological level I totally do, on an emotional and psychological level I totally don’t. Being that my daughter arrived at puberty two years earlier than I did and puberty was like, eons ago for me; I’ve gotta admit I’ve felt lost in the sauce.

Mood Swings:

Gosh her little emotions go back and forth like a Edgar Allen Poe’s pendulum swinging in his pit! I know for myself when I PMS I am a complete tyrannical mess and I cry over anything and nothing. Stuff all that emotional wreckage in a hormonal tween and you’ve got a bomb waiting to explode. Around her time of the month she seems to be waaaaay more combative than usual. And if you know like I know, talking to a pre-teen is like talking to a brick wall. Puberty has only managed to make this worse.


Acne & Her Response to Acne:

Pimples. I forgot about that tiny little part though it’s such a major part of puberty. However, when your child has gotten a pimple it is simply, unequivocally, without a doubt the absolute end of the world.

end-world-survival-guide-staying-alive-during-zombie-apocalypse.w654Never mind trying to explain to your child that it’s a natural progression of puberty or that it happens to everyone because it simply will not matter what you say. Shove a Ring Ding at her and let her watch Pretty Little Liars or something. This conversation will go nowhere. See brick wall above.

What Happens in School = Celebrity Gossip:

Don’t ever make the mistake of dismissing the goings on of your child’s middle school like the frivolity that it is. You will pay dearly. In their world; middle school gossip is as good as getting the tea on Kim Kardashian’s latest nude photo. (Remind me to be ashamed I used her as an example). Everything they talk about must be treated as important as it is not, because to them, it is VERY important. Never give your advice either if you were not asked because lord knows you will pay dearly with some verbose speech about how “you’re old and you don’t understand because you were a kid so long ago.” Just nod your head and gasp. Believe it or not though, these days middle school is very much like Hollyweird; pay attention though, you just might learn something.


Parents Know Nothing:

This surge of hormone suddenly makes your child an expert on everything. Your decades on this planet mean absolutely nothing as far as they’re concerned. Logic has no room in a conversation with them because pubescent logic is definitely way different from 21+ logic. Once again, the brick wall thing is happening. Notice the theme here? You might as well prepare to be going to cold war every time you give instruction, because somehow, someway, your tween/teen has become an expert on their child raising.

In all, I’d say this experience has been quite the reminder to how terrible I was as a teen lol. I thank God every day that my mother was as patient and as loving as she was because I really don’t know how I survived. My daughter’s a good kid for the most part and I certainly wouldn’t trade her in for the world. But I know, long gone are the days of when she thought everything I said was gold. I can only hope to be a fraction of the woman my mother was, because if not, I’m headed to the nearest padded room with a view.

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