A Million Thoughts, Laundry & Sleepy Time Tea

I have a million thoughts in my head right now. It’s hard to believe how quick this weekend seemed to fly by. Already it’s about to be Sunday and *poof * before we know i,t Monday will have arrived.

I Could’ve Done Better

Today was one not spent being as productive as I could be in the earlier part of my day. I didn’t wake up until 1:30 this afternoon. My bout with depression got the best of my abilities to wake up at a reasonable time. Thank God my husband was right on point, getting my son together and even washing my dishes from the night before and walking both the dogs.

Like I said, a million thoughts right?

The Day Must Go On

I managed to tearfully get myself together and the day ended up not being so bad. That is until I went to the Avenue to return an item I purchased online and all but got into a screaming match with the most unprofessional assistant managers I’d ever met. I never imagined I’d be one of those consumers who would file complaints with corporate; but alas to keep myself from jumping over the counter and snatching the cashier by her scalp, file a complaint is exactly what I did.

Upset and on the verge of tears, my husband was forced to take me to the store to buy decorations for my new office space he set up for me today. Then we went to Steak n’ Shake with my son and my rage was soon replaced with laughter and appreciation.

the guys
The Aftermath

By the time I had arrived home I was peacefully decorating my humble little office space that my husband created for me. I am super excited about this because I’ve always wanted an office; but while I was living in Philly we didn’t have the space to do so. This move to GA has proven to be a blessing in more ways than one.


I’ve got the basics set up; now the fun stuff is up next: a new stand with drawers, my plant and my fish of course. Yea I have a few little eccentricities about me.

Totally can’t wait to pick my daughter up from the airport Tuesday morning. Puberty has turned her into a whole different person but I don’t even care. I miss her laughter, her smile and her energy. I want to give her a huge hug, wet her face up with my kisses and tell her I love her. These have been the longest two weeks in awhile!

And now I am doing laundry, because Saturday is my designated laundry day and as I mentioned above; today not much productivity got done in the earlier half of the day. I’m sipping my sleepy time tea and hoping I’m not up all night. I’m using the time usefully though; blogging, blogging and more blogging a million thoughts.

Good night & sweet dreams folks!

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