I Started to Blog Something Different

But then today changed everything! I received an invitation the other day for my son’s Honor Roll Ceremony, so I knew he had done well. I mean I just got his report card and he made straight A’s. I’d been particularly proud of he and his sister because they’ve been doing EXCEPTIONALLY well in their transition from home school in Philly to public school here in GA. Yesterday I picked them up early to go to the dentist:


I saw my son was unusually excited and I chalked this up to being happy he got out of school early. He was running around jumping everywhere; which for him is a norm anyway but he was really on!

So today the family and I headed into the auditorium feeling like proud parents and little sister. We made it through all the required ritual of school assemblies and waited patiently for his name to be called. Well…when his name was called we were in for quite the surprise. He made The Principle’s List (which is like the equivalent of President’s list in college) with straight A’s! But then he won the Great Reader Award as my son tested out the highest in his WHOLE grade. Then he won a Citizenship Award for having excellent behavior and being the most friendly kid in the class. THEN lol he won Student of the Month. He received pins, awards and certificates for free pizza at a local shop and a certificate to eat at Subway as well.

Lani Proud

Can I just say, my heart swelled beyond what I thought was possible. He earned all of this without saying a word! And his response when we asked why he hadn’t told us? “I wanted to surprise you!” That was enough to send my emotions over the edge. The fact that he literally kept this secret because he wanted to surprise his parents was just so beautifully sweet of him. His smile always warms my heart but today it took me to Cloud 9.

It’s moments like these that make me cherish what parenthood is all about. It’s validation that a midst all my mistakes and fumbles we are getting something right. And while I rave about my son, I never want to exclude my daughter who has done just as exceptionally well; but her middle school ceremony isn’t until the end of the school year.

Today was a good day and I appreciate it for what it was.

Good day folks!

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  1. When I read “I wanted to surpraise you!” I thought to myself, what a beautiful, sweet boy. Then continued reading & you literally took the words out of my mouth. You stated he was previously home schooled, high five Mama! How incredibly proud you must be of your children!


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