And the Transition Happened…. (I’m Not Dead Even if I Feel Like It)

Hi you guys! I may not have many readers but I have a few who are pretty dedicated and I appreciate you guys! I know it’s been awhile since I’ve written a thing, and that’s because so much has changed and I’ve been taking time to adjust. So, as of March 9th I officially became a working mom again. *insert hanging head*. Lol It has been quite the adjustment to say the least. I have a 7-3:30 shift. My train comes at 6:29 in the morning so needless to say I’m still wiping the sleep crunch out of my eyes. I work in the legal department in the State Building downtown Atlanta in their child care division. I like the flexibility of my job and the fact that I get to arrive home before my daughter does. The kids weren’t too happy about my return to work but they’re adjusting well, mostly because dad works from home. We’re preparing for a move in June, one which will be moving my mother back in with us which we’re pretty excited by. Having my mom around isn’t always easy (because she’s so anxious) but it’s certainly a blessing to have her presence. Also, the kids will be returning to home schooling next year which we’re truly happy about. Public school curriculum is not the bee’s knees. I’m tired, I’m irritable but I’m alive and that’s enough to make me keep going! Plus, spring has arrived in Stone Mountain which means we can resume our family spring time activities, i.e parks, zoo, festivals etc. The other day I decided I needed to spend time with my daughter one on one since she’s growing at an exponential rate and it feels like time is flying by. So where did I take her? The nail salon! (my favorite place)


We went all out, got mani’s and pedi’s and talked about everything and nothing! It was one of the coolest days we had in awhile and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Then for the first time in like a month or two, me and hubby went out to dinner last night! It was all I needed to put a smile on my face!


I admit these last few weeks have been pretty tough for me, emotionally, mentally and physically. Spending time with him one on one away from the kids is always a refresher for me.

Though I haven’t done much in terms of arts and crafts lately *insert hanging head*, we have managed to keep up with our family time. Game nights have been in full effect:


And the kids are just as fashionable as ever! 🙂 :

the kdis

In all I’d say my life is upside down right now but I can’t complain!

**Editor’s note**

This blog post was supposed to be posted 16 days ago! This just further validates how discombobulated I am. Lol


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