5 Reasons I Hate the Baby Center Forum

As most of us know at this point in our lives, the internet can be is a crazy place. With the world being made up of so many different people it’s no wonder the internet is a vast dumping ground of opinions including my own. There is one particular community I am going to give my opinion on right now, and it may even surprise you.

The pregnancy community.That’s right I said it. I cannot stand the majority of the pregnancy forums. To be more specific, I abhor Baby Center. Why would I say such a thing? Because it’s true and I will tell you why.

Everyone Has the “Right” Answers

Baby Center seems to be a breeding ground for all the scholastically certified know it alls. Everyone who answers questions on these forums obviously has a Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate degrees in OB/GYN care. Sure most of their classes were taken from Google University and WebMD college, but the way with which they try to forcefully spoon feed you their regurgitated knowledge you would think they actually knew what they were talking about. Turns out, most of them don’t. Go figure.

There are Such Things as Dumb Questions

I know most of us were raised repeating the phrase “there’s no such thing as a dumb question.” But really I believe that’s a lie. If you’re a first time mom, I can totally understand most of your questions. But if you’ve popped out a few and you’re still asking whether or not you can feel your baby’s movements at 6 weeks; I am forced to assume that not only is your question dumb but you are too.

People Say REALLY Racist Things and Pass it Off as Advice

When someone posts and you automatically assume they’re black because their post is full of grammatical errors or the name they chose for their baby sounds “ethnic”; there’s a word for that. Then when you try to defend your actions by claiming “it wasn’t meant to sound like that”; it only makes matters worst. Being brave behind the keyboard and a nondescript avatar does wonders for people’s bravado and online persona.

Women Worry Way Too Much About What Other Women Name Their Children

Women can’t resist giving their opinion on matters that don’t really concern them on Baby Center. Every thing from vaccinations, breastfed vs. bottle fed, no meds vs. a lot of meds. The one topic that never ceases to elicit a response is what women name their children. Let that sink in. Full blown arguments with thousands, THOUSANDS of comments resulting all over people disagreeing over name choices. It’s usually at this point that I scream at my phone and log out of this app. I just got a new phone, guess which app I didn’t download?

Being Nice Gets You Picked On

If you are a decent human being and you point out that picking on hormonal women online is absurd behavior; they will pick on you. Like snarky little school girls they’ll find GIFS and memes to indicate how terrible of a person you are for not jumping on the bully bandwagon. They will call you a unicorn like it’s an insult and tell you that you poop glitter. I have to wonder what these crazy ladies are like in real life and how they’ve functioned enough to reproduce.

There’s way more things I could complain about; but I’m too tired to type all of that foolishness. My biggest issue is that during a time women are fragile and hormonal and nervous; a pregnancy forum should be a safe place. Baby Center is not. While they’re tools and tracking information on how you’re growing from week to week is great, the forum is the worst I’ve ever seen.

Thankfully I have been able to connect with like minded, supportive women on alternative online forums. Oddly enough, these women have also bailed from the shipwreck that is Baby Center.

I could just be hormonal and irrational in my judgment; but I don’t think I am. Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself. Proceed at your own risk.


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