Liberating My Midriff & Other Exciting Changes

I know I haven’t been blogging consistently, and I promise I have an absolutely good reason. I want to tell you all the awesome details, but then it would spoil the fun. Let’s just say, Thoughts of Another Mother is getting a major overhaul; one that will be sure to encompass all the various facets of moi. I’m more than a mommy and have many interests that fall outside the scope of mommying. With that being said, along came the idea of a one stop shop website for all things AP Young. I am pretty excited about all the pending changes on the horizon. I’m going to not go into too much more detail but I do promise to drop all the important details when it’s time!

In the interim, it would mean a great deal to me if you could follow my social media pages because I was told it was important to have a presence. *Shrugs*

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So now that I’ve gotten all of that stuff out the way; onto the greater matters at hand! This past weekend my husband and I had the great pleasure of attending a formal in honor of our friends’ 15 year marriage anniversary. It was as beautiful as I imagined it would be. Part of the excitement as you could imagine was the getting dressed up part (yes you guys I am a lady’s lady at heart!). As I began searching a few months beforehand for the perfect gown; I found myself bored with a lot of the options for the plus size crowd.

I tend to think that though the fashion community is making great strides in options for us; some things still need a lot to be desired. So what did I do? I headed over to my favorite online store eShakti. What I love about this store is that they service size 0-36 dresses, skirts, shirts, and pants are fully customizable to the patron’s liking. I’ve shopped with them several times so I crossed my fingers in hopes that I’d find something great.

It turns out I did. I had a desire to feel beautiful, step outside my comfort zone and make up for missing my prom. I was totally able to accomplish all of that! I chose an option that I would have never dreamed to do in a million years:

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I’m really sorry I don’t have professional pics (but that will all be changed when the overhaul occurs *wink wink*) but until then bear with me!

YES!!! I wore a friggin’ Crop Top and it gave me LIFE!

There was something so very liberating in saying FORGET SOCIETY’S STANDARDS OF BEAUTY! I felt good, my husband loved it and most importantly I let myself not be worried about what anyone else had to say. I’ve admired plenty of Plus Size Fashion Bloggers and have spent a good amount of time saying to myself, “Wow how bold is she!” and in all that time it never occurred to me to allow myself to be just as bold. I have a whole new out look on style and fashion and I am totally looking forward to sharing my journey with you.

In life we are only defined by what we choose to allow ourselves to be defined by. I think it’s high time I start redefining my rules.

What are some of your favorite fashion risks? Share with me!

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