Style: Fun & Flirty Date Nights

This weekend was ah-mazing because I finally went on a date! Yes, dating is very vital to myself and my husband to ensure we’re getting ample time with each other to nurture this marriage machine! It’d been quite some time since we’d been able due to this hectic thing called life. We chose a great little spot called the Radial Cafe located in the Candler Park section of Atlanta.

I seized the opportunity to put one of the new dresses I recently bought to use. A few weeks ago an acquaintance of mine hipped me to a store called Rebdolls. So I hopped online and got to browsing. I was not disappointed by the many options they had available for sizes 0-32. I was looking for something fun, flirty and different than my usual. I found two pieces that I loved to bits the moment that I saw them.

When hubby said date night was a go I slipped into my “Photographs” Cross-Over Maxi Dress:


I loved how this fit me! I’ve recently been experimenting with my belly and midriff area.


After 3 kids and a fluctuating weight over the last few years; it became a source of displeasure for me. I am not all the way comfortable with my mid section but I’ve been working hard to confront that head on. My whole goal with self love is to love even those parts I’m super critical of.


I felt great in my dress and the most important part was I had a great date night with my favorite guy! It was a win win situation all across the board! In addition, I have a new place to shop and that ain’t a bad thing for mama *wink*.




*sizing on this dress was a 5X

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