The Appeal of Unorthodox Appeal

Over the years, I’ve found quite a lot of success in finding styles I like via little pop-up boutiques online. Recently, I discovered a new boutique which I find absolutely charming and I thought I would share it with you.

It all started with my search for some new earrings. I stumbled across the Instagram page of Unorthodox Appeal.

They’re a small business that boasts “Boho Chic” and unique designs; so I decided to explore. I found myself in love with a pair of beautiful hand carved earrings:

beauty earring

Not wanting the opportunity to pass, I ordered them in anticipation of matching them with my cute orange romper I purchased for my anniversary staycation coming this week. So pleased to say they were delivered right on time. If there’s anything I love more than a good buy; it’s good presentation and excellent customer service. Unorthodox Appeal did not fail to deliver:


I was sent a personal card as well as an EXTRA FREE pair of earrings! And as I’ve stated on IG many times:


Included was a personalized thank you card and another pair of beautiful hand carved earrings:


One thing about me is I love wood jewelry, whether it’s bracelets, earrings rings etc. I find that sometimes it’s difficult to find my style though because I tend to like eccentric things. I was pleased to see they were just as unorthodox as they promised to be.

So after my pleasant experience with their jewelry, I’ve decided to take a chance on their unique clothing designs. I’ve opted for their Polka-dot tulle top & Harem pants. I’ve taken it upon myself to match it with a yellow sandal (had to change to red since they sold out of my size) from Just Fab. *


This is a sneak peek from out of a  Date Night Look Book I’m piecing together. I can’t wait for the items to arrive though so I can give a thorough review of the quality and fit. The other awesome thing about Unorthodox is that they carry extended sizes up to 30/32 which is NOT common in the plus size boutique community.

I can only hope I am as impressed in person so that I can continue to be a patron.

What are some of your favorite boutiques to shop? Share with me!

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