Crop Top & Ankara Skirts

Happy Sunday ya’ll! It’ crazy that this weekend is already coming to a close; I feel like it just got here. My weekend was pretty productive and fun so I won’t do too much complaining.

On Saturday I had the pleasure of supporting a young woman who I affectionately refer to as my little sister being that I’ve known her since she was a youngin’! Meet Ashley Nicole (and check her out by clicking on her name) author extraordinaire! She was here for a book signing and panel discussion at the Indie Love event here in Atlanta.


I was ultra excited to see her and support her in her career endeavors since I’ve always known her to be an excellent writer and talented artist. I gotta tell ya’ll I was definitely feeling like a proud mama/sister!


Can’t ya’ll tell?? So of course I decided that since I was leaving the house I had to be somewhat presentable; I decided to seize the opportunity to wear my new Let Go Crop top from Rebdolls ( Click here for %10 off your purchase!)


I paired it with an Ankara African print skirt I purchased from Holy Designs on Etsy about 2 years ago. I love this print because it’s so easy to match with earth tones which really happen to be my favorite types of color. Oranges, browns, greens- that’s totally my thing.


I complimented the look with my low brown platform sandal from Payless *gasp*. That’s right frugal fashionistas, I definitely found these comfy but stylish sandals at a store I used to be ashamed to shop in as a kid. Thank GAWD for growing up.


Me and my belly have a love hate relationship. It loves to be there and I hate it’s persistence most of the time. But, in an attempt to be more loving of my flaws, or the body parts I’m not totally pleased with; I’m going to continue to challenge myself to do what makes me feel free and happy.

There was a girl on social media who said fat girls in crop tops look like Winnie the Pooh:


And hey, maybe she’s right. But in my opinion Winnie is cute as he can be, and there’s worse things in the world to be called besides a plush, cute bear who loves honey right?


So tell me my fearless fashionistas; can you get your Winnie on comfortably?

AP Young


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    1. 🤗 thank you! That is totally my goal. I’m a super control freak so I am trying to learn to let go in all facets of life including fashion!


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