Date Nights & Amazon Fashion

This past weekend had the potential to absolutely suck. I had plans to go to something really dope on Saturday, and just like that on Friday there was an inflammation flare up from Hades. Thank God for a window of reprieve and a husband who loves me. We made up for it with a quick excursion for drinks and dessert on Sunday.

Of course the question of the evening besides ‘Where are we going?‘ was ‘What am I going to wear?‘ Just like that I remembered I had a cute little number that I had purchased on Amazon over a month ago. It was called ZANZEA Womens Round Neck Striped Irregular Long Maxi Dress Kaftan Dress Cover Up . Long name right?

I saw a blogger who had recently purchased it and I thought, hey why not it’s cute. So this story begins with, they only went up to a 3x, and if you follow my blog you know  wear a 5x. I thought to myself, it looks a little flowy- what the heck let’s go for it. It’s only 15 bucks. I wasn’t even deterred that it was shipped from China. There’s more to that statement; a bathing suit incident with Dress Lily. I’ll write about that later this week.

Any way, the time came for me to try it on and see how it fit me.  Now, for a frame of reference I’m sharing the photo from the site:


Now here’s how it fit me (hold onto your britches yawl!)


Ya’ll don’t even know how this is a huge deal to me. My lack of a rotund butt is also a vulnerable spot for me.

So yea…clearly it does NOT fit the same way. And I knew that was the strong likelihood considering that it was a whole 2 sizes smaller than what I wear. Logically speaking, I knew it was terrible decision making, but it looked so cute that I really wanted to see if I could beat the odds.

Though it didn’t fit the way it was intended to, I don’t hate it. It’s definitely more clingy than what I prefer, especially because my belly is such a vulnerable spot for me. So I tend to try and avoid things that bring attention to it. In all, I went through with it for the experience, but I don’t think I’ll be wearing it again. Think it’ll be added to my pending Curvy Co sale!

So my curvy, fluffy fatshionistas, what have you purchased on a whim that wasn’t what you expected?

AP Young

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  1. I’ve made the mistake on ordering my size on i have to go three sizes up. Most of their clothes comes from China or Korea, so their 2X is our large, sometimes medium. Not a fun experience!


    1. I’m glad you mentioned this. I was looking at shopping with them at the suggestion of my stepmom.Guess I will be rethinking that lol


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