Curvy Spotlight: Lorenza James by Elle Dove

As a woman who loves the art of creating, I find myself often admiring women who have a knack for bringing their ideas to life. That’s why it was a no brainer to me to sit down and chat with Ms. Le’Andra Collier; owner and designer of Lorenza James by Elle Dove.
1. What is your name?
 Le’Andra Collier

2. What inspired the name Lorenza James by Elle Dove for your brand? 

My brand Name is a combination of my grandparents. Lorenza (Moms Mom) James (Dads Dad) and Elle Dove is from my initial L and my maiden name Dove. All of these names are me and are sentimental.

3.What do you feel it is that makes your line unique? 

Great question!!! The details make my brand different. With every collection I design I strive to tell a story and the story is usually in the details. For example my current fall collection is titled “Truth in color” Every color means something whether individuals are consciously aware of it or not every color you see impacts you in some way. Red Means urgent, Black elegance, Gold wealth, etc. So I decided to tell the story of Black American beauty through the use of color. Also my brand is not mass produced Every this is hand made.

4.Why should curvier women shop with you?

Because I’m awesome…J/k In a world full of copies everyone’s desire is to stand out, how ironic right?! Well my stance is this you stand out best when you show your authentic self, and your authentic self is usually in the details so let those details shine though. Another reason to shop with my brand is the exclusivity. My brand only releases a certain quantity of a design for the season so once it gone its gone, and this guarantees you won’t look like anyone else, unless you both shop in the same place lol. Lastly every time a women walks out into the world on a mission to impress she is helping me prove to the world that curvy women are just as stylish as the next woman.

5. What is your brand’s mission?

Lorenza James Mission is to aid in showing a women’s’ individuality through our stylish trend forward collections.

6. How long have you been designing clothes?

I have been designing on and off for 5 years but really 9 months consistently.

7. How would you like to see your brand expand?

I would love to branch out into more boutiques and grow my e commerce store. I also want to become house hold name. In the future I want to start a mentor program that focuses on teaching young black women new ways to become financially stable and how to become entrepreneurs who not only grow up and become successful but continue to grow and build the next generation.
8. How have you gone about setting goals and reaching them?
I’m a list person so I create list and I try to stay active everyday in  with my brand.
9. What advice do you have for other designers who may be just beginning?
Stay true to your self. You know that big book of upcoming trends that design school tells us we have to reference? Its OK to deviate and unplug to find your inspiration. I had to and it was the best thing I could have done in order to develop my own voice in the design industry. When I went on my quest I found that I get the majority of my inspiration from people. An example right now shows that my inspiration is deeply impacted with my own heritage as a Black American. Also don’t listen to everyone around you. Everybody and they mamma will try to give you advice as to what “people” want and what you should be designing, listen if you want my advice is have a core group that knows exactly what you go through as a designer and bounce ideas off of them whenever you are unsure they will also help you stay true to yourself. oh, always stay thankful, people that are full of themselves can be up one day but are easily knocked down especially when your brand hasn’t been around for billions of years, in short in the beginning you are your brand and people will always associate the experience they had with you with your brand and you feel it a lot faster than larger brands when people stop supporting you.

**Bonus Questions**

*What are the top 3 things on your bucket list?
I don’t think i have a bucket list I just want to travel and live in another country and immerse myself in the culture for a bit.
*What song do you sing along to that makes you feel like a diva?
Ha!!!!! This changes from time to time but right now I stand united with Cardi B “Bodak Yellow” lol I mean the first line hits hard!!!!
*Fried bologna or Fried liver?
From the south side so B.O.L.O.G.N.A lol
Thank you so much for your time and opportunity this was an awesome interview.
AP Young

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