Curvy Spotlight: Cystum of Curves

In this vast world of bloggers, I find myself naturally drawn to those who seem confident but honest. So I was pretty intrigued when I stumbled across Cystum of Curves on Instagram, clicked her link to the blog and found a woman very open about her journey with PCOS (Polysystic Ovarian Syndrome) and her pursuit of self love and health. I was pleased as punch when she responded to my call to collab because I certainly had a few questions for her. Read below!
1. What is your name?
My name is Lorna Finn
2. How did you get your start in blogging?
I started last year after having a long talk with bcuzimelena on ig at Curves Rock Fashion Weekend in 2016 and decided that I would start making my debut into blogging to share my voice, videos, a journey’s into health and modeling.
3. I notice you have PCOS Fighter in your header; can you shed some awareness on what PCOS is for those who don’t know?
PCOS is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, which is an endocrine disorder that makes it difficult for women to lose weight, conceive (its the number one cause of infertility), causes anxiety, fatigue, and can lead to many other health issues such as heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.
4. Has having PCOS affected how you approach blogging in terms of content?
PCOS has impacted my content only in the sense of motivating women to maintain feeling fabulous while being healthy.  Due to PCOS making it hard for women to lose weight, I seek to create a body positive platform for all while also encouraging that being healthy at every size is the ultimate way to love yourself. As a an African American woman, I see us dying of so many preventable illnesses that could be avoided by just taking the proper steps to self care.  So my blog aims to promote both healthy living and accepting yourself on your journey.
5. What do you hope to accomplish with blogging?
I hope to one day be a motivational speaker and represent the plus size community in educating other women on PCOS and knowing how to manage  the syndrome so that all women can live out their best lives. Additionally,  I want to be a model/brand ambassador for major companies to also display how you can slay at any size, and that fashion and modeling has no limitations.
6. In what ways would you like to affect the body positive movement?
I plan to promote and become a new era for the body positive movement for women with PCOS.  I want to change the stigma that just because I’m not societies version of healthy, doesn’t  mean I don’t promote and live a healthy life and that the reality is, not every body is made the same.  It is very presumptuous to judge a book by its cover, without cracking it open. Women with PCOS are trapped inside of a syndrome, yet many of us, live very healthy lives and need a voice to represent that.  
7. Is blogging your only career path or do you have other professional affiliations or goals?
Currently, I work as a Contracting Officer for the Federal Government, and I actually love my job series. My goals are to one day become an independent contractor and work for myself and consult small businesses on how to prepare proposals and bids to win federal funding awards.
8. What is your advice to newer bloggers that are coming onto the scene?
My advice would be don’t compare yourself to other bloggers, focus on your content and growing organically.  It is okay to see what other bloggers have to offer, but trust your own voice.
**Bonus Questions**
Name one thing about you that gets your black card revoked.
So I hate sweet potato pie but love pumpkin pie :(. So that automatically gets my black card shredded.
Stiletto nails or Square nails?
Stiletto only 🙂
Be sure to check out Lorna’s Blog Cystum of Curves & Follow her on Instagram: @cystumofcurves
AP Young

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