Curvy Spotlight: Endia Cymone

During my venture into fashion blogging, I’ve met a lot of different people doing a lot of different things in the fashion industry. I have met several people who are in the business of styling other people in various capacities. There are virtual stylists, virtual shoppers and then there’s the classic and analog way of styling such as in person.

Endia Cymone is one of these analog and classic stylists I’ve had the pleasure of meeting:


I initially met Endia at the first ATFB Mixer and it was love and style crush at first sight!

AP Young (right) & Endia Cymone (left)

Keep reading to get to know a little bit more about Endia Cymone.


1.How long have you been styling?


I have been since I can remember. Dressing my friends up when we were going out and getting around to dress myself last. But officially as in photo shoots, personal shopping, wardrobe re-dos and getting paid to do all of that, probably like 6 years.


2.How did you come to the realization that styling was your calling?


It’s in my blood. My mom is very stylish and I learned EVERYTHING from her. I realized that styling was my calling when I couldn’t live without it. I went on a brief hiatus from styling for abour two years. It was torture. I think about outfits in my sleep lol it’s just that serious!


3.Do you have a specific market you style or do you style it all?


No specific market. I love to style men and women of all shapes and sizes. I am a plus woman and I love to style plus women but my talents stretch much further than one body type and gender.


4.What’s your styling motto and why?


“Classic. Minimalistic. Original.” I love this motto. I came up with this because I needed a way to describe who I am and what I have to offer. One could never see my work and think “She’s doing too much” or “I’ve seen that before”. This is because I keep it simple and I don’t copy others. What I can say though, is that even in it’s simplicity, my work still speaks.


5.What are some challenges you’ve encountered in your styling career?


I have encountered people that don’t believe in me or my brand. I have encountered the normal obstacles of getting started and getting your name out there. I’ve had celebrity clients that I shopped all day long for, took off from my day job, and when I presented them with my ideas, they didn’t like it and thus decided to either dress themselves or work with another stylist. This industry can be heart breaking at times and if you don’t have tough skin, it can destroy you. My decision was to keep pressing on and moving forward.


6.Has social media advanced your career?


Somewhat. I know that it’s necessary but a lot of times my clients come from word of mouth. I can say that I have made some great connections and plenty of friends in the industry. I guess that’s a yes and no lol


7.Do you feel like being a stylist is a competitive industry?


No. Not if you focus on yourself. What God has for me is for me. You begin to worry about competition when you make comparisons! Do you boo! 


8.What is your ultimate end goal for your career as a stylist?

I would like to be a consultant/go-to/buyer for a major clothing brand but also create my own clothing brand. I would love to continue to work with as many people as possible!


**Bonus Questions**

*Name this movie: “Harpo who dis woman??”

 Lol, Color Purple!

*Name a weird habit or ritual you have

I absolutely have to buy jewelry and lashes every Friday lol

*Peanut butter and fluff or peanut butter and jelly?

Peanut butter and jelly!

@stylistendiacymone @endialovesclothes


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AP Young

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