Her Story: Jasmine B.

Name: Jasmine B.

Age: 24.

Procedure: Undisclosed

What prompted you to make the decision to go for wls?

For a long time I have been a plus size gal.  I love being a plus size girl.  Its something so empowering about being plush. But I recently hurt my knee.  I had my acl replacement and a meniscus repair.  I couldn’t walk for months prior to surgery.  My knee would buckle and I couldn’t straighten it.  During the entire 4 month process,  I put on entirely too much weight and it began to become uncomfortable.  It was hard to breathe. I work at a physically demanding job and it was hard to perform. As I began recovery and I got back  to work,  I started dropping weight but it wasn’t enough. Although my knee isn’t 100%, if I lost weight,  I wouldn’t have so my pressure on it as well as my opposite leg.  I depended on it when I had one leg and it has been worn down.  I’m not able to play with my daughter the way I would like to because I get winded so quickly. I think it’s just time for a change while I’m at the age I am. 

Did/do you feel any pressure by a doctor to make this decision?

I felt no pressure all from none of the doctors I have encountered. Everyone was so welcoming, understanding, and so kind. It surprised me.  

Did you try other methods to lose weight and what happened?

I have tried other methods. I have tries dieting but I’ve gained the weight back quicker than it took to lose it.  I’ve tried working out but with my job I am so exhausted sometimes.  I work 16 to 18 hour days sometimes and it requires me to be on my feet the entire time. The last thing I thought about was working out. Because of my long hours,  it also made it difficult to diet. I often have to grab the quickest thing available and it wasn’t healthiest. My final option was medicine. I was put on Belviq, but it made me suffer from migranes and uti’s. 

What has the process been like for you psychologically and how do you feel emotionally regarding your decision?

Psychologically and emotionally, I have been scared. Im still in the process so I don’t know what to expect. I wonder what my body will look like, how recovery will be, if im making the right decision, am I just not applying myself and really dedicate myself to change, what will those around me think.  Im constantly going back and forth with it. 

How do you feel when you hear people say “weight loss surgery is the easy way out”?

I don’t get offended because sometimes that statement comes from people who do not understand the true struggles of being overweight, wanting a change, and wanting more for yourself overrall. Its hard and take a immense amount of self control that not everyone completely has. Its easy to gain it but even harder to lose it when you’re not motivated and are constantly judged whether you’re in the gym trying to change or sitting down for a meal. I’m learning it doesn’t matter what others have to say because this is your journey and you have to take it alone. 

What has been the hardest part of all of this?

The hardest part is the judgement. Everyone has an opinion. Everyone has something to say. Its always why this, why that, you should do this and do that. They hate when you love yourself and pass judgement when the ridicule gets everything gets the best of you. Before I thought about surgery, I had a employee at my job offer unsolicited “advice” and told me that I would be much prettier and in better competition with other girls. That unless I put myself out there in a manner to sexually satisfy others, I would not make it to the top and be successful. She also notes that since I was young, I would have way less loose skin and I would be anle to snap back. She previously had gastric bypass surgery and thought it was fitting to say that to me. I was so distraught and discouraged from going along with it. Judgement and what others think has been the hardest of all.  It has the ability to crush your spirit. 

What advice would you give for anyone facing weight loss surgery or who is trying to decide whether surgery is right for them?

If this is something that YOU want,  go for it.  At the end of the day,  you have to live with yourself and your decisions despite everyone else’s opinions and judgement. Its about self love, being healthy, and feeling good for yourself. 



AP Young

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