Redefining My Style w/ Curve Girl

I remember there was a time when I truly believed that being fat meant I couldn’t be beautiful or stylish. Every narrative ever spun to me as a child growing up overweight was: “Don’t you want to lose weight so you can be prettier?” And for a long time beauty and weight were synonymous to me. I thought the only way to beautiful or fashionable required me to starve myself until the number on the scale was lower.

Thank God those days are long gone! These days I know better and my beauty and my worth are not defined by the number on the scale, and neither is my sense of style.


I love that I became an adult during a time when plus size fashion is really growing and expanding in versatility. I also love that I am alive during a time when diverse bodies are gradually becoming celebrated in terms of fashion. Now, that’s not to say that there isn’t a lot of work that still needs to be done; especially when it comes to the larger bodies on the plus spectrum [click here]. Specifically when you have a body like mine that is in extended sizes.


That’s why stores like Curve Girl are completely necessary. I discovered CG a few months ago and I have been shopping ever since. I have not been disappointed yet by any purchases. I love that they give us OPTIONS!


So many brands that cater to plus size limit the scope of their sizes to a 3x; if they do carry above that, they often limit the styles they carry.


With CG  if I see something I want, I know without a doubt that I can have it and my size won’t prevent me from having it. I LOVE rompers and jumpsuits but one of the biggest hurdles I encounter when I see them? They’re not in my size. Not so with CG though.


This Drape Layer Detail Sleeveless Romper was right up my alley and I didn’t hesitate to throw it in my cart because I knew there was a chance it might get sold out! While I opted to get it in the color black; it does come in 11 other colors in addition to black.


So you guys can expect to see a lot more of me in CG as we are partnering up on some items and I can’t wait to share!


Tell me, is the jumpsuit a look you would be into? Drop a comment below!



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