Curve Girl Review: Shirt Dress

If there’s one thing I love about fashion, it’s how fabulous something so simple can be. That’s why the minute I saw the formal shirt dress on Curve Girl’s I just knew I had to have it.


I have a love for simplistic and classy looks with a little bit of umph tied in. I also happen to love the cut of shirt dresses, and I would really like to give a great explanation as to why but I don’t have one.


However, as much as I love shirt styled dresses; they don’t always love me back. There’s a great challenge in finding button up blouses or dresses for a busty gal like myself. Also, the fact that I have a broad back sort of like a linebacker doesn’t really make things easy either.


So, when I went about making my selection, I really took the opportunity to take advantage of the fact that CG carries up to a 10x. They also customize based on measurements the customer provides. I really should’ve utilized that because I’m so awkwardly shaped, but I’m a little hard headed some times.


In anticipation of it being a bit snug in my problem areas, I sized up from my normal 30/32 to a size 36. The result? It was still a bit snug. So let me break it down as to why. The dress fit comfortably in the back, and it was long enough the way I like for my 5’8 frame. It was really flowy and loose. However, my buttons still pulled across my breast and the arms were a no go. Though I could fit my arms into the sleeves, the bicep portion was uncomfortably tight and the cuffs didn’t button around my wrists.

I feel like I always feel whenever I try to purchase button up items from any other store; it’s hit or miss. I think if I go for this style again with CG I’m going take my measurements. I loved the overall look but I definitely feel like it should’ve fit more size appropriately especially because I sized up two sizes.

This in no way changes my mind about shopping with CG. I’ve had way too many wins with them than I’ve had losses. So we’ll see what my next shopping experience with them is like!


Have you shopped with Curve Girl? Tell me about your experience!




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