Recap: TCF Style Expo 2018

Heeeeey A-Team! I am so excited to come here today and share all of the awesomeness that was The Curvy Fashionista Style Expo 2018. Just a brief fyi, TCF Style Expo was a vision brought to life by Marie Denee, the owner and creator of The Curvy Fashionista Blog  back in 2015. Since then, it has only grown in size and presentation; and I’m happy to say that this year, being my second year in attendance, I was not disappointed.

This year they kicked things off a bit different than per usual. A day “0” was added on which A Blogger Mastermind was held featuring the expertise of Chante Burkett and Marie Denee. I was not in attendance; but from the feedback I received I heard it was all that and a bag of chips (yea I’m showing my age)!Very informative for those who are looking to really expand the business side of their blog.

Later that evening, there was a Curvy Social Kick Off hosted by The Dean of Fashion. I was able to attend that. It was nice to be able to mix and mingle a bit and network with attendees before all the meat and potatoes of the expo began.

Photo Courtesy of Studio Blu From left to right: Plus model Haley Meghon, Blogger Tr33, Rachel aka The Dean of Fashion & Beauty and 1/3 of The Fluffy Girl Tribe and myself AP Young.

TCF Style Expo was a little different for me this year as you may know if you read my blog. That’s right, I announced a few months back that this year I would be attending not only as a blogger but as speaker! So I guess that’s what I will open up with first as I recap!


Size 20+ and How to Navigate It was the panel led by myself and to assist me in making this happen I was joined by Lisa Schoenberg of Mustang Sally Two, Marcy Cruz of Fearlessly Just Me, Lorna Finn of Cystum of Curves and Fashion Designer Elle Dove owner of Lorenza James by Elle Dove and blogger at Elle Dove.


Let me say that this was one of the most amazing opportunities I’ve been fortunate enough to have. To sit in a room full of diverse bodies of men & women who shared their frustrations, their testimonies and their hopes all while being able to share my own was something I hadn’t imagined a year ago when I first attended TCF!

I am absolutely pleased that so many women came to support and felt like they took something away from the panel.


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Now, I have to be absolutely honest in saying that I did not really get to attend the Expo itself on the first day. I was in the middle of a bad flare up from my autoimmune disease as well as my arthritis. My pain level was on 100 and I could barely move. It was a lot to say the least.  Lucky for me my photographer Nick of Royal Visionz was on deck to capture some of the action I had to miss!

There were two main fashion shows day one. The first was from Big & Tall Connoisseur MVP by Mo Vaughn. The second was a few of Marie’s favorite designers and brands that you can find in her closet. That included Lane Bryant, City-Chic, Rue 107, Ashley Stewart & Courtney Noelle.


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It goes without saying that there were vendors galore available on both Expo days.I can’t speak for anyone else but I was really excited to see the showmanship step up with the booth displays this year. I know I might be partial for sure, but I loved Lorenza James by Elle Dove’s display.


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This year there were plenty of diverse panel discussions to choose from including Where Does Plus Fitness Fit in the Industry? Hosted by the lovely Chasi Jernigan  of Sweat N Mascara joined by Bianca GaleTiffany Smith,Chardline Chanel and Shainna Tucker.


Other panels included discussions regarding Plus Body Privilege hosted by Madame Noire, The Male Body Image Project hosted by Kirklan of XL Tribe, Journey to Self Acceptance with Ashley Nell Tipton, Plus Size on the Big and Small Screen hosted by Toy Monique just to name a few!



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