Feeling Pretty: Tara Lynn Boutique

Ok ya’ll I am back! And I’m sharing a couple of items from one of my favorite places to shop these days! If you’re no stranger to my blog or social media then you know how much I love Tara Lynn’s Boutique! In fact I’ve written a review (here) and mentioned her in another article here, and here. Basically if I haven’t made myself clear, I happen to love Tara Lynn’s Boutique. So let’s dive right into my two newest looks shall we?

Stripe Floral Maxi

As of lately I’ve really been struggling with how I view myself. My weight gain is bothering me in a way that I never imagined it could since I’ve been a big girl all my life. Needless to say, the internal struggle can manifest in the form of self-doubt and criticism.


However, when I got up this past Sunday and got myself ready and slipped this dress on; I felt so pretty! And that’s the thing, whenever I put on a Tara Lynn item, I feel pretty. And while that may seem like a trivial thing, sometimes I need to just feel like that!


So it was really dope to be able to transition into a more casual look for work that following Monday in another Tara Lynn item!

Polka Dot Sweater w/Buffalo Plaid Patches

This Polka Dot Sweater w/Buffalo Plaid patches was just too cute to pass up! I had never owned a top from Tara Lynn’s so I was a little nervous because sizing is usually a hit or miss with tops for me. So you can imagine how ecstatic I was to slip this cute piece on with ease!


This was every bit of comfortable and cute as it looks! I received so many inquiries from women at my job about this top.


I haven’t been myself lately, and that’s ok! I think that’s apart of my journey. But, just because I don’t feel my best doesn’t mean I can’t look my best! Thanks to Tara Lynn’s Boutique that part of my journey is covered.


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