Fashion Recap 2018 – 12 Fav Looks

While the close of the year always becomes a time of reflection about what I’ve done, where I’ve been and how I can do better, I tend to think these things throughout the year anyway so it’s not as deep as some might expect it to be. So this year, I decided to keep things a little less introspective and a lot more lighthearted.

Today I am sharing my 12 favorite looks I had the pleasure of rocking in 2018. My fashion growth has been exponential! Barriers I put in place for myself were broken as I took on the advice:

“Don’t wait on your weight to live the life you want to live!” – CeCe O. Lisa

I made it my business to apply that to my fashion choices and I’m glad to say I had a great time doing it! So without further ado let’s get into it!

Look #12 – Lane Bryant 

Oldie but goodie! I purchased this dress back in 2011 at the Franklin Mills Outlet while I still lived in Philly. I also think it’s dope to mention when I purchased this I was 100 lbs lighter and this is a size 24 and I currently wear a 30. Talk about magic!


Look # 11 – Rebdolls 

Rebdolls may not be high on quality clothing or materials BUT, they can give you a quick glam for an unbeatable price! I personally love it because I can find stylish extended sizes for a fraction of the cost that most places charge.

Look #10 – Curve Girl

This Romper was my go to summer look. It was stylish, comfortable and could be dressed up or down, flats or heels and of course, my favorite? It was super affordable.


Look #9 – eShakti

eShakti still remains a favorite place to shop for me til this day! These skirt pants were all the drama I never knew I needed in my life! This was also a look I was able to dress up and down and be stylish each and every time. The crop top was from Rebdolls.


Look #8 – Richee Luxe

This 2 piece Pink Starburst set came from a personal favorite of mine; Auri of Richee Luxe. She knows how to capture what extended sizes want in options because she is extended sizes! I love that I’m able to always see something glamfabulous when I’m on her site.


Look #7 – Lorenza James by Elle Dove

This romper was a classic twist on a white and gold romper by the same designer that I had worn earlier in the year. This day was special because it was my first time leading a panel at TCF Style Expo! What better way to represent than stylishly right?


Look #6 – Lorenza James by Elle Dove

This next fav comes from Elle Dove once again! What a nice twist on the classic little black dress. I loved wearing this dress thru the summer because it was comfortable and was easy to dress up or down and each time I felt timeless and beautiful!


Look #5 – eShakti

Ok so I’m back with another look from eShakti with this daring shirt dress! I have to admit I didn’t anticipate the length of the dress to be this short so I did wear shorts underneath. I’ve dressed this up with jeans and leggings, flats, sandals and boots and have yet to be disappointed about how my look came together.


Look #4 – Tara Lynn Boutique

This pretty number came from one of my favorite boutiques to shop; Tara Lynn’s. I was skeptical shopping an online boutique that proclaimed extended sizes because I had been disappointed before. However, from the moment I slipped this on I knew she’d be a keeper for sure and a place I would be shopping frequently.


Look #3 – Richee Luxe

This glam 2 piece crop top lace set I’m wearing here was one of the first Richee Luxe pieces I owned and was the item that secured the business relationship between Auri and I. I had the pleasure of wearing this to The Lifestyled Honors Even in the spring and I felt like ROYALTY!


Look #2 – SWAK

Though this classic maxi is simple at it’s best definition, it was elegant! I wore this to the Liv and Rae Brunch that was held in collaboration with the Lifestyled Honors event. I was comfortable and felt pretty which is the best combination for me.


Look #1 – Curve Girl

My most favorite look of all for 2018 was this beautiful Gold Embellished Egyptian Harem Dress from Curve Girl. When I tell you I got to be the belle of the ball it is not an exaggeration. This dress is complimentary on any body shape whether flattering your body type is your thing or not! I loved wearing this to the all white party the Lifestyled Honors Event weekend.


So now that I’ve shared my favorite looks from 2018, I have to say I’m super excited to slay some more in 2019! What was your favorite look?


AP Young


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  1. This was a very fashionable year!!! Thank you so much for including my brand. This feeling will never get old


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