Mental Health: Relinquishing the Grind Now Rest Later Theory

My entire childhood my parents instilled a healthy work ethic in me. Whether it was being vigorous and attentive in my chores or putting forth maximum effort in my school work; they ensured I put forth my best.

I carried that work ethic into every job I ever took right into adulthood. I applied this mentality to everything I did in life because I felt like anything else would cause my failure.

I appreciate what my parents did for me, the gave me a solid foundation to build my maturity and accountability on. However, as life moved on, influence came from a million other places.

As I’ve ventured into blogging full time and opening my own business, there’s a narrative that I constantly hear but I absolutely disagree with; and that’s the grind so hard and rest later theory.

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Sounds smart right? Famous people always preach about how they were relentless, they starved, the skipped sleep, they sacrificed relationships, they sacrificed love, etc etc. And you know what? I’m never impressed by that.

Those same “successful” people may have a lot of money. They may be famous. But are they happy and are they mentally healthy?

Experience has taught me to value my mental and spiritual health above any form of material wealth. I am unwilling to compromise certain things in my life in order to achieve a certain status of success.


My relationship with God, my husband and my children are not expendable. There’s no amount of sacrificing time with them that I deem worthy. Anything I’m trying to achieve will be built around them not the other way around.

I also do not believe in rest later, I’m a strong advocate for rest now. The body is strong and fragile simultaneously. It must be cared for in the way we eat, exercise it and rest it. Sleepless nights are out. My body needs all of it’s restorative energy which is only achieved through a full night’s rest.

The world will have you believe that you must push yourself to your detriment if it means seeing a dream come to fruition. But can I truly enjoy the fruits of my labor if I’ve run myself ragged, lost valuable time with loved ones and I’m miserable in mind, body and spirit because I didn’t care for all the above in the name of success?


Balance is everything and for me it is key.


I can’t tell anyone else what they should or shouldn’t do; as for me? I’ll be living my best life without starving myself of the privilege to rest and rejuvenate.

Until Next Time Luvies!

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