Breaking the Myth of Promoting Obesity

One of the challenges of being a visible fat body is being subject to all sorts of accusations about my lifestyle, my health and my right to exist happily. One charge that gets thrown around constantly is “you’re promoting obesity.”

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I always wondered how a fat person posting a cute outfit is somehow promoting a certain body type. The reality is, confident fat bodies make people squirm in discomfort because it challenges the status quo. It threatens to hurt a commercial system steeped in diet culture because if people learn to be happy in their bodies they won’t clamor for all the diet trends for sale.

To assume that because I am comfortable in my skin thus I must be promoting obesity is literally one of the most foolish things I’ve ever heard.

Below is a video where I share my thoughts on promoting obesity and why it is complete rubbish. If you like what you see please feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel!


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3 thoughts on “Breaking the Myth of Promoting Obesity

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  1. This is brilliant!

    Being happy and comfortable with yourself is not promoting obesity, it is so much nonsense!! Being happy and comfortable with yourself should be celebrated because it is rare and amazing!!

    I have recently realised how much time I have spent justifying myself and what I choose to do/eat in order to make myself acceptable to other people. No one needs to change themselves to fit into someone else’s prejudiced views!

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    1. Yes! Your body your business! Even if you were trying to lose weight you don’t have to announce it for the satisfaction of other people! A picture of a person living should require no explanation.

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      1. Exactly!!

        People can lose weight if they want or not… it isn’t the be all and end all of everything. No one should have to constantly talk about it just to become an “acceptable fat person”

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