Blog Anniversary: 4 Lessons in 5 Years

My blog anniversary just passed on December 5th. I celebrated 5 years of running. Can I just say what an amazing feeling that is?

AP smiling standing in front of a tree in a red gown looking towards the ground. Leaves are covering the ground.

For those who aren’t bloggers and have no vested interest in blogs; this probably isn’t for you. However, if you’re a blogger you know the ups and downs that go into carving out your own little space on the internet.

When I first began this blog, it went by another title. As my life changed, and my topics expanded; I decided to change the name to something that represented me. My name of course!

Today I’d like to share 5 Lessons I’ve learned along this blog journey.

Be Authentic

I thought it was really important to lead with this lesson. Carving out your own little corner of the internet should have a purpose; no matter what it is. One of the things that was really important when I started blogging was to be sure I was speaking in my own voice.

AP smiling standing in front of a tree in a red gown looking towards the right. Leaves are covering the ground.

It’s really easy to be influenced by other people and what they’re doing. If you’re not careful you may find yourself emulating styles and trends that aren’t truly a reflection of who you are. Sometimes you may have interests and conversation ideas that everyone isn’t going to be fond of. That’s perfectly fine! The people who are interested will find you and that will make what you do more fulfilling than doing something you don’t want.

Finding Your Voice is a Process

I had been blogging under various platforms for 8 years leading up to the birth of this blog. Throughout that time, my thoughts, opinions and my voice changed several times. Growth had a lot to do with those things. As I began writing this blog I was in a totally different place than I am now. Nonetheless, I was able to find a “voice” I was comfortable speaking in.

Your voice is the way in which you deliver your thoughts. Your voice is what people hear when their reading your words. You may not automatically have an established voice when you begin blogging; and that’s ok. It’s a process, you’ll get there!

You Do Not Have to Have Lofty Goals

When I first started blogging, I had no idea what direction it was going to take me. As it turns out, I have a knack for collaborations and even getting some paid work. As a result, blogging has opened up opportunities for me to get into other facets of work such as press coverage and brand ambassador work.

These weren’t necessarily my goals. I honestly blogged because I loved to write (and honestly wanted to be a fat, black version of Carrie Bradshaw since I was a teenager but I digress lol.) If you just want to blog with no intentions of doing anything else; that is perfectly fine!

Social media can really create unnecessary pressure to pursue things we may not really want to. It’s YOUR blog; do with it what you want and only what YOU want.

AP smiling standing in front of a tree in a red gown looking towards the camera. Leaves are covering the ground.

Consistency is Key

Throughout this blog journey, I went through fits and starts of writing. Right out the gate I feel like I was blogging 3-5xs a week and had idea after idea! However, life changed, and 4 months into it I went back to work full time and within 2 years of my blog start I had a 3rd child! Slowly I stopped blogging as much and for awhile I had no set schedule.

After feeling like my content was less and less; I felt like I was neglecting my blog baby. Finally, I set a schedule for blogging that I could keep. It wasn’t 3-5xs a week, but it was consistent enough that my valuable readers could expect content to be coming at least once a week. This helped increase my readership and build a loyal audience.

In Conclusion

I have truly enjoyed the process of beginning this blog, developing it and growing it over the last 5 years. I appreciate the opportunities it has opened up for me and I look forward to seeing where it goes in the future! I love how my blog has grown with me through my own personal journey. I’m also beyond grateful for every viewer who took the time to read anything I had to say. Thank you for making my voice count in it’s own little way!

AP smiling standing in front of a tree in a red gown billowing up looking towards the camera. Leaves are covering the ground.

Until next time.

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Dress: Key Largo from The Wendy S. Collection

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