Curvy Spotlight: Pearl Glow Body Butter & Soap

It’s Curvy Spotlight time ya’ll! My favorite posts on the blog are definitely ones where I get to highlight some amazing women in business.

Today’s Curvy Spotlight is pretty special because not only is she a business owner, but she’s my friend and my spiritual sister in faith!

Meet Donette P. of Pearl Glow Body Butter & Soap

1. What was the reason you chose the skin care business?

The skincare industry chose me if I’m being honest.  Me and 2 of my children suffer from eczema.  I started looking for natural ways to soothe my family’s skin, really focusing on the benefits of Shea Butter for eczema sufferers.  When I started experimenting with product formulas and giving to my friends and family and they said that people would pay for it is when I decided to give selling a shot.

2. How long have you been in business?

December 2017 is when I started to really believe that I could this.  

3. Did you feel intimidated or overwhelmed entering into the health and beauty industry?

Initially I didn’t feel intimidated however the more I looked at other small businesses and what they were doing I felt out of my league.  That’s when I couldn’t focus on their success as something I didn’t have.  I had to and still do look at other small companies as positive examples of success.

4. Where did your interest in soap making come from?

My interest in soap making came purely by accident.  Scrolling YouTube one day I saw a woman making a carrot soap and my mind was blown.  I immediately said to myself “I can do that”.  I started looking at other Artisans and their channels.  Began a year long research campaign and I’ve been hooked ever since.

5. How have you been received by the health and beauty community thus far and how would you like to see that reception grow?

There are 2 sides in the HBC.  Big box name brands and Handmade Artisans.  I’m of course part of the Handmade Artisan group and for the most part it’s a close and encouraging community.  Totally strangers have become life long friends, willing mentoring, sharing of resources etc…  There have been a few encounters where someone is just plain rude, opinionated, a know it all.  Those people I feel are just threatened by anyone who in their niche or are greedy.  

6.What products or services do you endeavor to include in the future?

I’m currently working on a facial serum and facial scrub for the near future.  I’m also playing with liquid soap recipes and whipped soaps for further down the road.

7. If you had to give a vital piece of advice to someone interested in entering this industry what would it be?

For a newbie coming in I would tell them what I was told; learn, learn then learn some more.  Look to others in your field for guidance, they’ve been there done that.  What I wasn’t told is, If you’re afraid to fail that’s a good sign, having inventory is your best friend.  Finally, it’s not all rainbows and candy, embrace the late nights and sleepless ones.  Your business your baby.

8. What is your ultimate business goal?

My ultimate business goal is to be able to pay all household bills with profits from PearlGlow.  Helping my husband to care for our family while doing something I love.  

9. What is your word of advice for any woman with a desire to begin a business?

For any woman that desires to begin their own business I say, know why you want to do, educate yourself and just do it.

Keep up with Donette & Pearl Glow Body Butter and Soap on IG: @pearglowbodybutterandsoap

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