Jessica London – An Honest Review

Jessica London has been a staple in my closet for the last 7 months. When I chose to partner with them it was because I actually found pieces on their site I liked. Jessica London is not a new brand; I remember my mom receiving their catalogs when I was a child! However, I never imagined the day that I would be remotely interested in shopping with them; and then I hit my thirties. Ha.


Jessica London still very much feels like a brand for the more mature woman; especially with how they choose to advertise. However, they have great pieces that can be worn by women of any age group depending on how the pieces are styled.

Size & Fit

Jessica London carries straight and plus sizes; the smallest being a 10 and the largest being a 32. A size 30/32 is a 3X on the Jessica London site and it’s the size I wear in their clothes. It’s really important to read their size charts to determine what size you should wear. A size 30/32 really is more like a 28 on their site. In comparison to other plus brands; their charts do run on the smaller size.


So far my experience with the quality of Jessica London’s clothes has been great. In particular, the jeans are great. Normally, with consistent wear, the inner thighs of my jeans tend to thin out. With my JL jeans that I wear almost every week, they’ve been holding up beautifully!


Now this is where it gets sticky. It’s no secret that there is a fat tax on plus size clothes. It’s literally more expensive to shop plus size. Now, there are few exceptions to this rule, especially with the rise of fast fashion brands. Jessica London’s prices are on par with most plus size brands; especially the brands that carry extended sizes. The average lowest priced item is approximately $40.00.

In Conclusion

I honestly like shopping with Jessica London and enjoy the pieces I’ve received from them. I do wish that they had more diverse options in the extended size category; but that’s par for the course when you’re above a size 24. I like how their pieces are really interchangeable with each other but also with other brands. I think I’ll be a JL gal for awhile! How about you? Have you ever shopped Jessica London? Would you consider it? What’s been your experience? Tell me down below?

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  1. Good review. I have found with Full Beauty, Roamans, Woman Within, and Jessica London Brands the sizes are sometimes inconsistent. You have to really take your time and sort through the ‘not for me’ stuff to get to the ‘hmm’ pieces that you know will work for you. I’ve fallen for some items that looked great on the model and ended up looking sad and foolish. Years ago when fashionable plus size clothing was limited, I settled for ‘whatever fits’. Now that I recognize what is stylish and works for me, my closet (and I) are much happier–when it comes to ‘what shall I wear’.


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