6 Ways to Mental Health Care During COVID19

Mental health care may seem like such small potatoes on the menu of things to care about right now. With the COVID19 pandemic rapidly impacting all aspects of our life; we may not realize why right now it’s so important to focus on our mental health.

Well you guys know me well enough to know I never miss an opportunity to encourage healthy habits for mental health care!

In this article I am going to tell you 6 ways (besides taking your prescribed medication) to combat your anxiety and depression.

Take a Deep Breath and Be Still

AP an African American Plus size woman is standing outside. Her eyes are slightly closed and she's smiling. She's wearing a white shirt with black polka dots, denim cuffed jeans and a black and white strapped sandal.
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This may seem like a really simple task, and in theory it is. However, with a lot of us who deal with depression, we also deal with anxiety. If you’re not familiar, anxiety can be a MONSTER and absolutely crippling to our thought process.

Find a moment, MAKE a moment to sit down, in silence if possible and DEEP breathe.

Sometimes we underestimate the power of taking deep breaths, but it is a physical response to anxiety and panic attacks that helps calm us down. And even if you’re not typically a person who deals with anxiety; amid this time you may be experiencing it.

Unplug from Social Media

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While social media can be a source of entertainment and even a source of information; it can also be a source of fake news and hysteria. This is the last thing anyone needs to keep their mind healthy.

If you find yourself increasingly worried every time you login to your favorite apps; do yourself the service of not logging in. Heck, uninstall them if you have to. Unfollow accounts that trigger you on any level, be diligent in protecting your mind at all cost.

Maintain a Routine

AP an African American Plus size woman is standing outside and she's smiling. She's wearing a white shirt with black polka dots, denim cuffed jeans and a black and white strapped sandal.

Structure is one of the best ways to help combat depression and anxiety. At this time, everyone’s life is being impacted by this pandemic. Maintaining your regular routine might not be possible. However, creating a new normal may take your mind off things and give you the distraction your mind needs.

Move Your Body

You don’t have to be a fitness nut to benefit from exercise. Whether you’re cleaning vigorously, dancing like no one is watching, or hitting your favorite cardio or strength training routine; movement releases endorphins in the brain. Get your 30 minutes in a day however you can! If you have limited mobility, or struggle with a chronic illness that perhaps impairs your ability to move a lot; just do what you can! Don’t underestimate how long just a little can go.

Enjoy Your Hobbies

I struggled with this one a bit. For myself, I’ve been pouring into prayer, Bible reading and my spiritual studies. But it took me a whole breakdown and conversation to be ok with resuming creating content for my blog and fulfilling my brand obligations.

It felt frivolous and trivial. However, I realized I couldn’t just sit and wait for the worst to possibly happen. Instead, I’ve opted to safely shoot content, prep blog articles and be the creative and writer that I am. Enjoying those things don’t make me a bad human during a serious time. It makes me human.

Don’t Forget to Rest

This may also seem like a no brainer; but in our efforts to be vigilant in our self care we may be forgetting this important step. Sleep helps the body to reset, repair and rejuvenate. During a time when anxiety is high we may have difficulty getting rest. Listen to your body’s cue, take any prescribed meds, and create a bed time routine. Anything that will help your body get as much rest as it needs. The body and mind BOTH need rest.

The Wrap Up

AP an African American Plus size woman is standing outside. Her eyes are looking off into the distance and she's smiling. She's wearing a white shirt with black polka dots, denim cuffed jeans and a black and white strapped sandal.

There’s no magic cure for any of these issues. My faith allows me to know a time will come when symptoms like these are wiped out. But until that time arrives; this is a reality for many of us. Do the best you can right now, and if possible; lean into your support system. Make phone calls, facetime/video chat, talk to your mate, immediate family if it’s a safe environment to do so.

Wishing everybody the best! How are you navigating this pandemic? Comment down below!

Until Next Time,

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  1. Thanks so much for these helpful tips! Sometimes just hearing someone else say it’s okay to rest or read or exercise as much as you can! Even as simple as some sounds right now. I know personally I’m being pulled to my bible , meditation and my faith.


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