Plus Swimsuit Looks I Love

Swimsuit season is upon us; albeit under strange circumstances. While most of us are itching to travel to beaches and pools, we’re doing our best to adhere to what’s best for our communities by slaying at home.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t prepare for that glorious day by exploring our swimsuit options for when that time arrives.

Today I’m going to share my 4 favorite swimwear options for the season!

One Piece Swimsuits

Sigh. If ya’ll been here long enough then you know I have been on a journey with my visible belly outline. There was once a time where I’d ONLY where skirted bathing suits in attempts to hide that. Last year on the blog, I shared my goal to ditch skirted bathing suits. Keeping in line with my new fearless approach to my swimwear; here are two one pieces I absolutely love.

Skirted Swimsuits

Though skirted bathing suits are no longer my ONLY option; I still appreciate a cute bathing suit one way or another. Both of these suits are from Torrid from their 2018 collection; but I believe they’re still available on the site! These were ultra fun, flirty and still stylish. Skirted bathing suits don’t have to be boring!

The Wrap Up

Bathing suit shopping does not have to be stressful when we’re aware that there are options for all body sizes and types. My next goal is to get comfy in a two piece bathing suit (see me next year lol)! No matter your personal goals, I wish you a successful and happy bathing suit shopping experience!

May summer this season be in our favor!

Until Next Time,

2 thoughts on “Plus Swimsuit Looks I Love

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  1. I love these! I wish torrid fitted right in me lol their swim are always small or I have to go up a few sizes to get an ok fit. I understand everyone’s personal goals when it comes to swim. Though I just wear what I like I respect other people struggles because I’ve been criticized by people with struggles because they failed to understand that I was comfortable in my own skin. This lead me to continue to do me. It shows and to set an example. I love the summer and I have this mindset that no one will break my vibe.


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