Numbers Aren’t Everything – 20 Micro Influencers to Know

Numbers aren’t everything despite what social media antics might have you believe! Social media influencing is all the rage these days; and it’s understandable why. Who doesn’t like getting paid to wear the clothes they like, use the products they love for free right?

However, while social media influencing has become a game changer, these brands recognize that and often implement criteria in hopes to procure the best influencer for the job. Unfortunately, a lot of brands require you have a certain number of followers to be eligible for work. The minimum follower number required is usually an astronomical number that can take years to build leaving smaller influencers feeling like the game is rigged.

Here’s the the thing though, I feel a LOT of people have adopted the attitude of some of these brands. They only see value in an account if a large number is attached to it. This can truly prevent the average user from encountering some pretty dope content.

Today I am sharing of 20 of my favorite bloggers/influencers/content creators with less than a 10K following. They consistently produce original, quality content and I enjoy it!

This is not a comprehensive list of every micro creative/blogger/influencer I follow; rather it’s a snapshot. There are plenty of additional accounts I follow that fall under this category.

However, today it’s about these ladies!





















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