Curvy Spotlight: Signe’s Kreations

For well over a year I’ve been using press-on nails because it saves me money! Now more than ever, press-on nails are awesome since myself and many others like me are not comfortable risking it all just to get a fill in!

Today’s Curvy Spotlight is shining on a fairly new but no less talented press-on nail artist who recently launched her business Signe’s Kreations.

Meet the owner Signe!

Brown skin African American woman with long dark brown hair. Hand is posed in front of her face showing off pink and white ballerina shaped press-on nails.
Photo courtesy of @Signes_Kreations

Signe was kind enough to give me some of her time to answer these questions all about her business and her goals so without further ado, lets’s dig in!

What was the reason you chose to venture into nail design as a profession??

I chose to venture out into nail design because for years I kept telling myself that I wanted to stop wearing acrylics since my natural nails were so fragile and weak. I wanted my natural nails to be strong and healthy so I needed an alternative quick. When I came across press on nails and saw that I could choose/create my own design I decided to experiment and from that point I fell in love!

How long have you been in business?

Believe it or not I just started doing my own press-ons last year…Lol.

Did you feel intimidated or overwhelmed entering into the nail design industry?

When deciding to enter this type of industry I didn’t become intimidated or overwhelmed because I knew by adding my own touch to the press on game that I would be okay, especially since I offer “Custom Sets” for my customers which is something I have not seen any other brand offer.  Plus all of my press on sets are pocket friendly.

Where did your interest in nail design come from?

My interest in nail designs came from me being a girly girl who enjoyed and loved getting her nails done every 2 weeks with some sort of cute color, design, or bling-bling. So now that I am able to switch up my nails as much as I want to I am definitely even more in love now.

How have you been received by the fashion and beauty community thus far and how would you like to see that reception grow?

Thus far I am so thankful for the amount of love and support I have received from friends, family, and social media since launching my brand back in March of this year. I always say my customers rock and I truly mean it because the way they have poured into me is so refreshing and it just motivates me to keep creating and to keep going. I look forward to seeing  the love and support to keep growing with me as I myself keep growing with the quality and type of designs I offer.

What would you like to see happen with Signe’s Kreations within the next year?

Within the next year I would like to see Signe’s Kreations become more well known as a business and to be involved with other brands during different collaboration.

If you had to give a vital piece of advice to someone interested in entering this industry what would it be?

My advice that I would give is to, “Just go with it and don’t look back with no regrets or hesitation!!”

What is your ultimate business goal?

My ultimate business goal is to become a full time entrepreneur so that I can work for myself and not for someone else working a 9-5 Monday-Friday.

What is your word of advice for any woman with a desire to begin a business?

My word of advice would be to have FAITH not FEAR! If you wait until you are fully ready then the time may never come so why not take that leap of FAITH and do what you love!


1. Sugar in your spaghetti yes or no?

Eww No.

2. Heels or sneakers?

Get a WOMAN who can rock both!

3. More essential Highlighter or blush?

HIGHLIGHTER for the win!

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