2020 Guilt – Be Ok with Just Being Ok

I think we can all safely say that 2020 has been a wild ride. This time of the year many people usually find themselves reflecting on all the great and bad things that have transpired and assessing their accomplishments. This year…this year just hits different.

Lower Your Expectations

I grant you the reader, absolute permission to lower your expectations of what you think you should have accomplished. Many of us started 2020 with lofty goals we intended to smash. And then COVID-19, Civil unrest, fires, aliens and whatever else you can think of seemed to explode out of nowhere.

Many people were adversely affected ranging from loss of a loved one, loss of income and housing; and in place of those things came anxiety and depression. People have been so focused on surviving that there’s been very little time to worry about a would be goal.

And that’s ok.

If You Did Accomplish Goals- Be Proud of That

Despite these unfortunate, global circumstances; there are people who managed to excel despite all the crazy unfolding. In fact, some people who did smash goals found themselves being silent for fear of being tone deaf to those experiencing harder hurdles.

If you found yourself silencing your joy or not appreciating a goal you’ve accomplished or a blessing you received; truly take a moment to do that. The world is so chaotic right now that people misconstrue privilege as a bad thing when really if you have it; you should acknowledge it and if possible; use it to do something good.

If you’ve had the privilege of a blessing, please by all means enjoy it!

My Personal Lesson? Gratitude

I’ve had a rough go of it this year, for many reasons. I found myself spiraling mentally so much so I made the decision to return to antidepressants. It was the best decision I could’ve made for myself. Despite my personal struggles though, I’ve had some absolute beautiful moments that I’m beyond grateful too.

As a person who battles chronic illness and mental illness; I have the propensity to wallow in all the things that have gone wrong. I made a conscious decision to find one thing to be grateful for everyday; even if it was the gift of opening my eyes. It’s an underrated accomplishment.

The Wrap Up

No matter what 2020 had delivered to you either by showing up at your proverbial front door, or by association; I would like to think we all deserve a collective moment to inhale and exhale.

Go head…relax your shoulders folks; you’ve earned it.


Until next time,

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