How to Diversify Your Style

How to diversify your style may not be something my readers expect me to talk about. After all I’m not your die hard fashion blogger; I consider myself to be an enthusiast at best. However, one of the most consistent conversations I have with women on my social media is how to be stylish.

So, here I am putting on my fashion cap and extolling some partially solicited advice.

Leopard Print Jogger set: Old Navy Shoes: Torrid

First Things First “Stylish” is Subjective

Fashion is what you wear, style is how you wear it. 5 different people can go into a store and buy the same article of clothing. All 5 people can style it differently because style is a personal taste. I’ve never been into wearing things because they’re trendy or because some self appointed fashion guru told me so.

As you shop for yourself, consider what things speak to YOU. Don’t go into your shopping experience with other people’s voices in your head unless you’ve asked for help.

Top: Meredith Ruched Dia & Co Joggers: Shoes: Amazon

Change Up One Thing at a Time

Looking to change one’s style can be motivated by many things. Perhaps you’re getting older, lost or gained some weight, or you just want to do something different. Whatever the reason, I always encourage people to take their time when rebuilding or reworking their wardrobe.

Start with the items you already own. Look at your sweaters, jackets, tops, pants, skirts etc. Are there prints that you could mix and match? Have you tried layering a few pieces? My favorite is mixing the unexpected. Taking a sweatshirt or graphic t-shirt and wearing a skirt with it. Or maybe take a pare of pumps and put it on with a cute jogger set. The only rules of fashion that matter here are the ones you are deciding to set forth for yourself.

Don’t Fear the Belly

I used to be that person so I am not judging. I grew up being indoctrinated with the idea that the only acceptable stomachs to be shown or seen were the flat ones. As it turns out I was never getting one of those. EVER. God heard my prayers and promptly dismissed them so there’s that.

I used to avoid tucking my shirts in or I’d only wear tops that were long enough to hide my large belly. That limited my ability to be able to change up my looks because I was hyper focused on giving the illusion that I was slimmer. Once I shed the idea of trying to Houdini my gut it really opened up the ability to be more versatile.

Lean in close, I gotta tell you something. IF YOU’RE FAT NO AMOUNT OF HOW YOU STYLE YOURSELF IS GOING TO HIDE THAT. See? Simple.

Trying to style yourself thin can be exhausting and boring. Simply buy clothes that fit you.

Worry Less About Tag Size Focus On Fit

When shopping, most of us are looking for a specific size. However, keep in mind that depending on the brand, your tag size can go up or down. Fabric and the cut of something are better tools of measuring how something looks on you.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen an outfit that had potential to be fly on someone be less than flattering because they were too afraid to size up or down.

Step Out Your Typical Comfort Zone

Some of us have hard rules on what we won’t do in fashion. However, revisit your rules and see if there are any you’d be wiling to be flexible with. Like I mentioned earlier, not tucking my shirt in was a a thing for me. Now I focus on how my pants fit on me to determine whether a tucked look is doable.

Think about what you want your style to say about you? Are you a Savage? Classy? Moody? Ratchet? If you don’t get the joke how are you even following me at this point?

Meg the Stallion aside, style can be contingent on mood. Do you have looks for when you want to convey casual, glam, sensible, professional, matronly, etc.? Consider going through your wardrobe and categorizing your vibes. Then mix and match them for fun. Trust me, you’ll thank me later.

The Wrap Up

By now if you’ve reached this far, you may feel pretty duped by my promise to help you diversify your style. Maybe you thought I had the secret sauce for stylishness.

The reality is the secret sauce is YOU. You beautiful, multifaceted, groovy human being.

As I stated at the outset, style is subjective to the individual. As long as you feel stylish in the pieces you picked out; who gonna check you boo?

Until next time ya’ll,

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