How to Unplug – The Art of Mental Restoration

How to unplug might seem like a topic that doesn’t need to be discussed. After all, it’s no secret that the world is upside down even more so than usual. Social media, general television media and news outlets have no problem reminding us every minute of the day exactly what kind of poop show this world is. And it’s because of this incessant flow of information I decided to discuss how to unplug and restore the mind to it’s former glory.

Literally Unplug from Media Access Points

If you’re like me, you may use your phone for just about everything. I am ashamed (not really) honest in admitting that my phone is pretty functional in my life. I operate my business, handle the kids online schooling, respond to emails, research, personal Bible & spiritual studies and more directly from my phone!

As this is the case, I also access news sources and social media from my phone. While there is convenience in that, it can also be EXTREMELY taxing on my emotions. Getting constant alerts or even knowing that I can hop on my news shortcuts makes me more prone to look at the news. If I look on SM to check alerts or on my buddies; I’ll start to scroll. And if I scroll long enough, I will fall into the rabbit hole that is social media and more than likely, sooner or later I’m going to run into whatever is trending (usually a negative story).

I am very empathetic to people so I can become emotionally drained very quickly seeing posts that highlight negative human interactions. When I start to feel overwhelmed by said feelings I know it’s time to unplug! During that time, I may pre-schedule some posts so that they launch without my having to manually do it. I turn off alerts and I pretend media doesn’t exist!

Intentional Meditation

I know many people view meditation as humming “ohm” repetitively while sitting with your legs crossed. However, for me, meditation is the intentional consideration of specific thoughts. I try to be more focused on my spiritual studies, meditation on scriptures, thinking about my interactions with family and friends and how I can work on myself etc.

Meditating for me is not just empty space in my mind; rather its the ability to really consider things that matter to me so that I can move ahead to make practical application of things I’ve studied or read.

Connect to the People in Your Household

Often times, having access to electronics such as phone and streaming television can take away from time better spent talking to the people in your home. Now, I do understand that everyone’s home life is unique; so the desire to connect with those in your home is contingent upon the environment in which you live.

Provided you live in a safe environment among family or roommates; spend more time connecting with your home community if you can. I often find myself centered in peace after I’ve spent time either playing with my youngest, having a conversation with my older kids, or just holding hubby’s hand chatting. Due to restrictions brought on by this unfortunate pandemic; I try to video chat my mom and siblings more. Human interaction is priceless and can really do wonders for helping maintain a healthy mind. It can also be key to mental restoration you might not even know you need!

The Wrap Up

The honest truth is, how to unplug and get mental restoration is totally up to you as an individual. Only you know what it is you need to help yourself be mentally and emotionally grounded. What I’ve shared here today is literally an opinion, a reflection of what works for me. If you are looking for more ways to effectively and safely engage in stress relief, visit websites such as NIMH.

Happy unplugging and mental restoration guys!

Until next time,

2 thoughts on “How to Unplug – The Art of Mental Restoration

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  1. It’s necessary. I call it “checking out”–from people, social media, technology and whatever else that attempts to steal my peace. It can last from 10 minutes to a few hours. Self Care and Mental Health maintenance is essential.


    1. Totally agree! It is necessary in order to keep my wits about me and not to get bogged down by the stress inducing content so readily available!


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