Loft Cuts Plus Sizes – Why I’m Not Hurt

The Loft recently cut plus sizes from their stores and fat women everywhere a lot of women took to social media to air their grievances. The Loft’s Instagram comment section was slammed with statements of disappointment, sadness, offense, incredulous-ness and apathy. It’s no secret that up until very recently, the fashion industry has not been very inclusive of plus size fashion accessibility. So The Loft heaving the ax at plus size options is super disappointing… or is it?

What Some Have Said

As I scanned through the comments on the Loft IG account, there was a lot of the same sentiments from the majority. Disappointed that the Loft chose to make their intentions known in the form of a comment in response to someone’s question as opposed to an official announcement. There were comment after comments about the offensiveness of it all, the disregard, the disrespect and the revoking of access.

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What I Think

I know that what I’m about to say is an unpopular opinion, but hear me out. I don’t think the Loft cutting plus sizes is truly a loss. I’ve long been skeptical of straight size brands hopping on the inclusive train just to appear forward thinking. A few years ago when I covered the Loft going plus; I expressed my disappointment in their size chart because it was a limited plus inclusion. I was also not impressed with any of the garments that were launched with the plus launch collection. To say I was underwhelmed would be an understatement.

I have never been the fan of begging to be included in spaces where I’m not truly welcomed. The Loft is a brand that was built on serving straight sizes. In my opinion I don’t believe their efforts to go plus were very sincere. They did great launching with Loft Plus events across stores in major cities; but that’s where the effort and energy ended. Not much was done to promote to the plus fashion population. They didn’t even make an effort to visually represent their plus inclusion on their social media! It’s almost as if they thought that they wouldn’t have to cater to the audience they decided to include.

Can I be even more honest?

I never saw any Loft pieces that made me want to go running for my wallet. Ever. They do not sell anything so unique that it can’t be purchased at a number of plus size stores and brands that already exist. The Loft literally sells the unseasoned version of garments that you could get at Eloquii. So I guess I didn’t understand what all the fuss was about when they opted to cut the plus sizing.

Yes I get it, the principle of how they arrived at the decision. Fine. But did the Loft including plus size REALLY impact your shopping experience? Is it TRULY a loss if they don’t carry the LIMITED plus sizes they once were? I find it so strange that I rarely see plus bloggers and influencers I follow draped in Loft yet there was significant outrage from some of them.

We Have Options

Yes, the plus community indeed has options.While we may not have as many as straight sizes; we’re a lot farther ahead than we once were upon a time. Whether fast fashion, boutique, department store or indie designers; the options for plus size fashion have become a lot more versatile. Losing the Loft doesn’t feel very much like a loss at all. I think time would be better spent addressing plus size brands on how they service the plus fashion industry as opposed to wasting breath begging for inclusion in spaces that don’t want to cater to us.

There are many indie plus designers, brands and boutiques that are out there and want to cater to our bodies. I really wish we’d invest more dollars and energy into those businesses so that we can continue to have access instead of playing the “don’t leave us out” game with straight size brands.

The Wrap Up

While I think it sucks for those plus size bodies that actually did shop with the Loft; I absolutely do not care. I know what brands desire to butter my biscuits and that’s exactly where I’ll be.

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  1. You bring up some great points. Honestly, I never shopped at Loft personally, but I only starting following them when they announced their plus size offerings and worked with Plus Size Influencers such as CeCe Olisa. However, after looking closer at the selection along with hearing some reviews I realized their clothes weren’t for me and my taste. I also like how you pointed about us asking for plus size offerings from straight size brands and retailers. I will admit my opinion has changed recently. My audience is not entirely plus size, but I try to be selective about what brands or retailers I promote that only offer limited plus size range if at all or they do actually research. I don’t want a brand or retailer to offer sub-par plus size offerings just because they were pressured to.


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