Restorative Counseling Services

Restorative Counseling Services…you might be thinking how odd of a title this is; especially with my absence from writing on this blog. However, mental health care is a prominent feature of this blog. If you’ve been an reader for some time (and even if you haven’t); you’re somewhat familiar with the fact that I’m forever promoting the usage of mental health care services.

I’ve been taking my time to heal in mind and body post weight loss surgery. I haven’t been in the headspace to write about anything, but when the opportunity arose to shed some light on Restorative Counseling Services, it felt like the perfect way to segue back into blogging, so shall we?

Who are Restorative Counseling Services?

They are a mental wellness practice comprised of a diverse staff of counselors with a special interest in ensuring that:

“Individuals, couples, and families thrive when they experience excellent therapeutic care in a warm and safe environment.

Meet the Team

The Restorative Counseling Services team includes: Sheldon Uriah Kay, LAPC, Jacqueline Conway LAPC, REAT, Rebecca Capistrant, MA, LAPC pending, Talia Gutierrez, Clinical Intern, Jamie Perry, LAPC, Kat Baber, LAPC, Blair Cook, Ph.D., LAPC, Ashlyn Burns, LAPC, and Marissa Mundy, LPC, CPCS.

This dynamic team of specialists has a blended background of education, experience, and ideologies that are unique. However, their one common goal to create safe and healing space is what makes this practice the gem in the mental wellness community of Atlanta that it is.

What do they offer?

Restorative Counseling Services provides a plethora of counseling services to meet the needs of their clients. These services include: Anxieties, Couples & Families, Adolescents, Trauma, Depression, Grief & Loss, ADHD, and OCD.

Not only do they provide a safe space for their clients tp share their innermost thoughts and gain clarity; they strive to provide them with the real life tools to cope with their issues. They pride themselves on making sure that the tools provided are practical and can be implemented immediately to make effective and meaningful changes in the client’s life.

Relationships are a vital facet of the human experience. These relationships can be complicated and nuanced in ways we don’t expect. As imperfect humans, we are bound to have troubled interactions with the relationships closest to us in our life. When these tribulations arise whether marital or familial; it’s important to navigate the reparation of these relationships with an experienced and educated counselor as a mediator.

Restorative Counseling Service places a special emphasis on helping families and couples in crisis effectively communicate in order to heal and enhance the interactions with one another. Choosing Atlanta Couples Therapy will surely put a couple (or any other family members) on the path to desired healing.

How Do I Book a Session?

Booking a session with one of the counselors at Restorative Counseling Services is simple. There is a Contact Us option on their site. Complete the brief questionnaire with the info requested and someone will reach out to you. If you have a specific counselor that you’d like to be paired with, you can make note of that in your contact form or when speaking to someone directly. If you’re unsure of making a choice, no worries! The team has you covered as they believe in finding therapeutic matches for their client so that you receive the right fit for your needs.

What is the Cost and Can I Use Insurance?

The cost is discussed between you and your practitioner and based on the services you receive. Insurance can be billed for possible reimbursements; however Restorative Counseling Services is not currently an in-network provider to any particular insurance company.

Where is Restorative Counseling Services Located?

They are conveniently located in two different locations at: 11097 Houze Road, Suite 100 Roswell, GA 30076 and 6 Lenox Pointe NE Atlanta, GA 30324


As I’ve stated on this blog so many times before: therapy is a privilege; if you have access to the privilege please use it. If therapy or counseling is something you’ve been considering but you haven’t seized the opportunity yet; this is your sign. If you’re an Atlanta or Atlanta-metro resident and you’re ready to take the next step, take it with Restorative Counseling Services.

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