Page Relocation – Making Moving in Atlanta Easy

If you’ve been a visitor to my blog, then you know that I recently moved. If you’ve recently moved as well or you’re in the process of a move; you know how DAUNTING said process can be. Personally, my family and I opted for movers. It was a great idea in theory, but only when you come across a reliable company. I’ll spare you the details and instead, I’ll share a great local moving company with you today.

Are Movers Worth It?

To start, let me just say that it is my personal opinion that movers are ESSENTIAL to a stress free transition. I have a large family made up of 4 different families (long story but yes they’re all related to me biologically lol). For my family, it was a requirement to have some assistance. Movers take the physical labor out of the equation.

When we moved just a few months ago, we hired movers. While I’m grateful for the ability to escape the physical labor; I wasn’t necessarily happy with their level of professionalism or service. Don’t despair! Everyone’s experience doesn’t have to be like mine was, especially with businesses such as Page Relocation being available for service!

Who are Page Relocation?

So glad you asked! Page Relocation is a family owned business that places a special emphasis on treating your belongings with integrity and compassion. Owned by Justin and Brittany Page, they established their company in 2007. Over the last 13 years they have worked in relocation servicing residential moves, commercial moves and even corporate companies moving their employees to new locations. During this time, they have operated from a space of their core “Christian leadership values of integrity, compassion, caring, and service” and it has brought them immense joy to do so.

Services Offered

Page Relocation is truly all about service. Yes, they include your typical moving services such as residential relocation local or long distance. They are also commercial movers in Atlanta with a focus in office, retail and warehouse moving. But if you think the services stop there, you would be wrong my friend.

Their services include: cleaning, delivery, junk removal, packing, specialty items, storage, and realtor services. I personally love that they have taken 13 years of relocation services and curated services around what they know potential clients will need. In 2014 when my family and I relocated from the north to the south, I for sure wish I had known about services such as these that could have made things a bit smoother. Even with our most recent move, it would have been awesome to tap into the cleaning services!

How They Get it Done

From start to finish, Page Relocation truly has an efficient and effective (not to mention pandemic friendly) way to get your moving needs squared away. They offer video call surveys that allow for their app (powered by Shyft) to scan the clients possessions along with a live Move Coach to help you get the most accurate quote for your move. The other positive thing to note; if in your process your inventory changes, you can always update it through the app in real time!

The Wrap Up

It may seem out of my norm to be discussing a moving company on my blog. However, if you’re an avid reader here, you know from time to time I post paid advertisements. However, my rule of thumb is not to accept paid assignments unless I can get behind the service or product I’m asked to promote.

The older I get, the more I recognize how much value lies in taking advantage of services that make my life easier. As a mom, wife, entrepreneur and now full time employee, there is always so much to juggle. Making a move of any kind is a LOT of work. Getting professional help is worth the investment to help make things a little easier for us. With a company like Page Relocation, it can do that and a little more!

If you are local to Atlanta or the Atlanta Metro, definitely consider Page Relocation for your next big move.

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