When Life is Life-ing – An Update

It's been quite some time since I've come here to this space to lay my thoughts down. And that's been by intentional design. Life has been an absolute whirlwind as it often has the propensity to be. Not too long ago, I updated you on life after Duodenal Switch surgery, but beyond that major life... Continue Reading →

#FamilyLife: How We Socially Distanced Vacation

Socially distanced vacation? While there's a whole pandemic happening outside? Please believe that I'm aware! I understand that taking a social distance vacation during such hectic times is a privilege. If you have the privilege to vacation at this time, and want to do so safely; this article is about that! Elk Springs Resort Hubby... Continue Reading →

Surviving Motherhood: 5 Tips

Surviving Motherhood I remember the first time I became a mother like it happened yesterday! But in all reality it was literally almost 16 years ago. Now that I'm kiddo number 3, I recognize that motherhood is beautiful but it's also a war zone. I kid you not, and if you have a teenager you... Continue Reading →

There’s No Neat Way

I often separate my depression blog entries from my mommy blog. I mean, parenthood is supposed to be more about the growing pains of family life; how could depression possibly fit into that? Yea. Right. The more things change within my family dynamic I realize I can't really separate these two facets of my life.... Continue Reading →

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