13 Fashion Inspo Content Creators I Enjoy

Fashion content creators come a dime a dozen! Social media has made it possible for us to tap into fashion and culture from everywhere that sometimes it can be overwhelming. That’s why I do my best to curate my timeline to include creators that truly do inspire my fashion creativity. The accounts listed in this... Continue Reading →

Loft Cuts Plus Sizes – Why I’m Not Hurt

The Loft recently cut plus sizes from their stores and fat women everywhere a lot of women took to social media to air their grievances. The Loft's Instagram comment section was slammed with statements of disappointment, sadness, offense, incredulous-ness and apathy. It's no secret that up until very recently, the fashion industry has not been... Continue Reading →

How to Diversify Your Style

How to diversify your style may not be something my readers expect me to talk about. After all I'm not your die hard fashion blogger; I consider myself to be an enthusiast at best. However, one of the most consistent conversations I have with women on my social media is how to be stylish. So,... Continue Reading →

Is Shapewear Really a Necessity?

The other day as I was scrolling the internet streets, I saw yet another shapewear post shaming women for not wearing it under their garments. I chuckled to myself because the idea that I should have to wear shapewear is absolutely foreign to me. I was raised by a mother who never wore a control... Continue Reading →

Be Your Own Representation

When I first discovered that there were plus size fashion bloggers; I was really excited. After years of never seeing plus size bodies in ads or commercials (unless it was a cliched less glamorous role); it was refreshing to see larger bodies. After I added fashion to my blog, and mingling with the "plus community"... Continue Reading →

Plus Swimsuit Looks I Love

Swimsuit season is upon us; albeit under strange circumstances. While most of us are itching to travel to beaches and pools, we're doing our best to adhere to what's best for our communities by slaying at home. But that doesn't mean we can't prepare for that glorious day by exploring our swimsuit options for when... Continue Reading →

Sistas How Ya’ll Feel?A Self Love Check-In

As a child, I remember my day dreams always consisted of me being someone different. With all the entertainment on television and pictures in magazines; the ideal beauty standard was clear. Thin. White. Flat butts. Busty. When there was representation of Black women; the standard was also very clear. Light Skin.Slim.Curvy. Busty. Voluptuous rear end.... Continue Reading →

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