Defying the GED Stigma

GED is an acronym that translated to failure when I was growing up. A person getting a GED was viewed as someone who would never amount to more than a fast-food worker. At least that was what I was told when I withdrew from high school in my Senior year and opted to go for... Continue Reading →

My Therapist Broke Up With Me

Breaking up with your therapist might seem like a weird thing to say; but I assure you it's not as weird as it may sound. Although a professional relationship, therapist-patient relationships have the unique component of an intimacy due to the nature of what gets discussed in sessions. A trust has to be built in... Continue Reading →

A Dream Deferred But Achieved!

20 years ago I was 17 years old and ending my summer vacation learning I was pregnant. An emotionally charged decision was made, and I dropped out of high school. All the ideas and notions I had of working in the legal field were put on the back burner to slow cook. The following year... Continue Reading →

When Life is Life-ing – An Update

It's been quite some time since I've come here to this space to lay my thoughts down. And that's been by intentional design. Life has been an absolute whirlwind as it often has the propensity to be. Not too long ago, I updated you on life after Duodenal Switch surgery, but beyond that major life... Continue Reading →

Life After WLS – Duodenal Switch Update

It feels like just yesterday I was embarking on my WLS (weight loss surgery) journey. However, it wasn't yesterday; it was 2019 which means I began the journey almost 3 years ago! The decision to have Duodenal Switch came a bit later in my process; but it's what I decided nonetheless, and now I'm here... Continue Reading →

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