Now Hiring: How to Find Your Perfect Therapist

When you hear the words, “now hiring” the last person to come to mind maybe a therapist. Yes, YOU are technically hiring your therapist. Just as a company reviews your qualifications, references, etc before inviting you to an interview or offering you a position, we should be doing the same. Any one you’re paying for... Continue Reading →

The Return to Antidepressants

A few weeks ago I felt myself on the cusp of spiraling. If you're not familiar with the mental health community, spiraling is a loss of control; whether emotionally, your thoughts or both. And almost 4 weeks ago I felt myself right there, on the edge of a depressive episode that was threatening to disrupt... Continue Reading →

Mental Illness is Not One Size Fits All

Mental illness is something that affects people world wide. According to a study conducted by Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation in 2017 as reported in their Global Burden of Disease study; 10% of the world suffers with some sort of mental illness; that equals 792 million people worldwide. Let that sink in. It should go... Continue Reading →

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