Can I Have An Honest Moment about Self Love?

I thought about all the ways that I could write this article. I wanted to give the eloquent, positive affirmation rhetoric that gets the people's juices flowing. But...I can't. I want to be honest and as raw as possible so that you, the reader, hear what I'm saying without all the gentrified bopo performative talk.... Continue Reading →

Mental Health Awarness Month

Mental Health Awareness month comes around every year in May; but as far as I'm concerned mental health awareness is EVERY DAY. Hi, my name is Alicia and I am a mental health patient. I've shared very openly on this blog about my journey with mental health and you can check it out here. Why... Continue Reading →

Regression – How to Over Come It

Regression is the ultimate taboo in any type of recovery journey; at least that's what it can feel like. However, regression or relapse can be more common than you think. Hence, the need to have an open and candid conversation about it. Regression Defined Regression: noun - a return to a former or less developed... Continue Reading →

Grieving During a Pandemic Is NORMAL

When COVID-19 began to circulate in the news and rapidly reach pandemic status; many of us were stunned. After all, with so many different interpretations of what was going on with this virus, much of the world didn't know what to think. Now We're Here Whether we were prepared or not; pandemic status became our... Continue Reading →

Sistas How Ya’ll Feel?A Self Love Check-In

As a child, I remember my day dreams always consisted of me being someone different. With all the entertainment on television and pictures in magazines; the ideal beauty standard was clear. Thin. White. Flat butts. Busty. When there was representation of Black women; the standard was also very clear. Light Skin.Slim.Curvy. Busty. Voluptuous rear end.... Continue Reading →

Disability Visibility- Why it Matters

Disability visibility may seem like a foreign phrase if you've never had a disability. Chances are you may not think about the lack of representation disability gets in media. And honestly, that's to be expected. Most of us fail to think about things that don't directly affect us even when we're trying to be the... Continue Reading →

Impostor Syndrome – What I’ve Learned

Impostor syndrome is a term that you may or may not be familiar with. It's defined as: a pattern of behavior where people doubt their accomplishments and have a persistent, often internalizedĀ fearĀ of being exposed as a fraud. - Psychology Today While it's a term that we may more frequently hear now, it was coined by... Continue Reading →

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