Teen Mom – 4 Ways to Support

Teen moms have gotten quite the time in the spotlight with shows like 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom OG in the last decade or so. I have always felt conflicted about that exposure because while it was good to expose what being a mother young was like; it also exploited these girls at one... Continue Reading →

Her Story: I Chose Not To Be a Mother

Motherhood. When you hear this word, many things may come to mind. Love, adoration, strength, struggle, devotion, sacrifice just to name a few. Motherhood is revered as one of the most self sacrificing acts a woman could engage in. It's celebrated to the point it has it's own holiday. Sounds delightful right? But what about... Continue Reading →

#MomChronicles: Life with Special Needs

I remember a time I used to hear the phrase “special needs” and immediately associated it with people who had severe disabilities. It wasn’t until my own son was classified as a child who has special needs that my entire perception changed. A Little Background If you are a regular reader here on my blog... Continue Reading →

Surviving Motherhood: 5 Tips

Surviving Motherhood I remember the first time I became a mother like it happened yesterday! But in all reality it was literally almost 16 years ago. Now that I'm kiddo number 3, I recognize that motherhood is beautiful but it's also a war zone. I kid you not, and if you have a teenager you... Continue Reading →

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