How to Diversify Your Style

How to diversify your style may not be something my readers expect me to talk about. After all I'm not your die hard fashion blogger; I consider myself to be an enthusiast at best. However, one of the most consistent conversations I have with women on my social media is how to be stylish. So,... Continue Reading →

Can I Have An Honest Moment about Self Love?

I thought about all the ways that I could write this article. I wanted to give the eloquent, positive affirmation rhetoric that gets the people's juices flowing. But...I can't. I want to be honest and as raw as possible so that you, the reader, hear what I'm saying without all the gentrified bopo performative talk.... Continue Reading →

Be Your Own Representation

When I first discovered that there were plus size fashion bloggers; I was really excited. After years of never seeing plus size bodies in ads or commercials (unless it was a cliched less glamorous role); it was refreshing to see larger bodies. After I added fashion to my blog, and mingling with the "plus community"... Continue Reading →

Social Media- Do You Have to be on Trend?

Trendy vs. Reality Social media has birthed plenty of trendy movements to date. Body acceptance, Body Positive, Fat Acceptance, Self Love; all of these are phrases that have become popular thanks to social media. But if you're a person who is anything like me, you may be wondering "how does this apply to me?" If... Continue Reading →

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