#YouTube: Is Il Makiage Worth $44?

Hey luvs! To know me is to know how much I love beauty on a budget. I ALWAYS shop drugstore makeup brands because I like them and they're affordable. In today's video though, I'm stepping out on a limb and trying a higher end brand by the name of IL Makiage that retails for $44.... Continue Reading →

#YouTube: Romper Try On Extended Sizes

Hey my plus fashionistas! I know I've been promising a try on for awhile; but I was dragging my feet because I was in my head about certain things. That's neither here nor there because I have finally delivered. Checkout my video below of how I select my rompers to accommodate my extended size body!... Continue Reading →

Breaking the Myth of Promoting Obesity

One of the challenges of being a visible fat body is being subject to all sorts of accusations about my lifestyle, my health and my right to exist happily. One charge that gets thrown around constantly is "you're promoting obesity." I always wondered how a fat person posting a cute outfit is somehow promoting a... Continue Reading →

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