When Life is Life-ing – An Update

It's been quite some time since I've come here to this space to lay my thoughts down. And that's been by intentional design. Life has been an absolute whirlwind as it often has the propensity to be. Not too long ago, I updated you on life after Duodenal Switch surgery, but beyond that major life... Continue Reading →

Life After WLS – Duodenal Switch Update

It feels like just yesterday I was embarking on my WLS (weight loss surgery) journey. However, it wasn't yesterday; it was 2019 which means I began the journey almost 3 years ago! The decision to have Duodenal Switch came a bit later in my process; but it's what I decided nonetheless, and now I'm here... Continue Reading →

Talk About Therapy – Speech Therapy

Speech therapy is something that is apart of the history of me. That’s right, a long time ago in the early nineties, I received speech therapy while I was in elementary school. At the time, I had no appreciation for being pulled out of class by some random lady to learn how to talk around... Continue Reading →

Restorative Counseling Services

Restorative Counseling Services...you might be thinking how odd of a title this is; especially with my absence from writing on this blog. However, mental health care is a prominent feature of this blog. If you've been an reader for some time (and even if you haven't); you're somewhat familiar with the fact that I'm forever... Continue Reading →

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