ADHD- The Myth and My truth

When you carry your little one snuggly under your heart, you're envisioning their face, their 10 fingers and toes, their smell, their smiles etc. What you're not thinking about is the possibility that one day they may hit a bump in the road and it's not something they can just "outgrow". You have a sneaking... Continue Reading →

Just A Snippet of My Life

I really must get better at working and blogging! I didn't imagine that going back to work was going to change things so much for me....and then I started working and it definitely changed so much for me! However, I am pleased to say I think I'm getting over the hump finally. While I was... Continue Reading →

Random Thoughts

Hello again! I took a few days off from blogging here so that I could take a good ¬†amount a time to reflect on life. I shut my Facebook page down, fasted from Tumblr and waited for my peace of mind to come. The kids are on their winter break, my daughter is in CT,... Continue Reading →

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