13 Fashion Inspo Content Creators I Enjoy

Fashion content creators come a dime a dozen! Social media has made it possible for us to tap into fashion and culture from everywhere that sometimes it can be overwhelming. That’s why I do my best to curate my timeline to include creators that truly do inspire my fashion creativity. The accounts listed in this... Continue Reading →

Loft Cuts Plus Sizes – Why I’m Not Hurt

The Loft recently cut plus sizes from their stores and fat women everywhere a lot of women took to social media to air their grievances. The Loft's Instagram comment section was slammed with statements of disappointment, sadness, offense, incredulous-ness and apathy. It's no secret that up until very recently, the fashion industry has not been... Continue Reading →

How to Diversify Your Style

How to diversify your style may not be something my readers expect me to talk about. After all I'm not your die hard fashion blogger; I consider myself to be an enthusiast at best. However, one of the most consistent conversations I have with women on my social media is how to be stylish. So,... Continue Reading →

Curvy Spotlight: Brie of No Minus Plus

Have you ever met someone who's spunk and spark were so contagious, you smile every time you see them? That's how I felt every time Brie of No Minus Plus popped up across my timeline on Instagram. I've been following this young lady for awhile now and I respect her hustle so much I thought... Continue Reading →

Curvy Spotlight: Ceceily Maraya

If you're not new here, then you're already familiar with the Curvy Spotlight here on my blog where I highlight women in business. If you are new here, welcome! And make yourself comfortable and prepare to dig into today's spotlight honoree. Meet Ceiceily. Ceceily Maraya is the owner of not one but two businesses here... Continue Reading →

My First Dia & Co Unboxing

If you are a plus size body who's into fashion; at this point I'm sure you have to be familiar with Dia & Co. If you're not familiar with Dia & Co, no worries keep reading! Dia & Co is an online subscription styling service that prides itself on creating a pleasant styling and shopping... Continue Reading →

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