2019 in Review

Yes you guys, 2019 is rapidly coming to an end. It is that time of the year! Most people are over the year, looking forward to a new year to start fresh and anew. While that's the narrative of most people, it's definitely not mine. 2019 was full of ups and downs just like any... Continue Reading →

Finding Love

So I know if you've been a reader of my blog or followed any of my social media pages for a while; then it's pretty obvious that I'm married. Yep, cat's out the bag, sorry to disappoint! *insert  laughter here*  This fact prompts a lot of people to ask me questions about dating and marriage. I... Continue Reading →

Unapologetic After 30

Life has always been a tumultuous journey for me; full of youthful indiscretion, good intentions gone wrong and an ever revolving door of evolving relationships. I used to think that my life was going to be me being an attorney after graduating Harvard and living in a brownstone in Boston. Funny how none of those... Continue Reading →

Life is a Tilt-a-Whirl

Without the option of getting off. That's what I feel like right now. I just gave birth two weeks ago, and surprisingly, I am adjusting pretty well. It's everything else that has my head spinning! Just because you have a baby doesn't mean life slows down so you can keep up. I wish! Within the... Continue Reading →

What We’ve Learned In Marriage

Today I’m doing something a little different. I was committed to the idea of sharing how I’ve learned so much through marriage, but I felt like the story would be incomplete without the input of the very person I am married to. I’d like to extend a warm welcome and introduction to my best friend... Continue Reading →

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