3 Lessons I Learned While Single

3 lessons I learned while single might be a little misleading. I definitely learned more but these were the lessons that stuck out the most. Being that I'm married, I usually refrain from offering up advice on dating because it's been quite sometime since I've been un-partnered. I exist as a listening ear for my... Continue Reading →

Interview: Ashley Nell Tipton

Hey boos and baes! Today is a special interview that I had the pleasure of conducting with Ashley Nell Tipton. Many of you may know her as the Project Runway season 14 winner and fashion forward plus size designer who partnered with JC Penney's. However Ashley is now sharing her new journey via her new... Continue Reading →

Healing Isn’t Linear

When we experience trauma in our lives whether emotionally,mentally or physically; somewhere in our minds we have the desire to get over or to heal from said trauma. Self help books, talk show therapists and self proclaimed gurus alike often tell us that we can get over our pain. And they are correct, we can... Continue Reading →

Moving On: The Journey of Healing

A month ago I sat down at the very laptop I'm typing on right now, and explained that I needed to focus on my health journey and my healing. I was in the depths of a depressive episode and didn't feel compelled to be blogging a la Carrie Bradshaw. And though my depressive episode is... Continue Reading →

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