Diagnosed With Fibroids – Now What?

Fibroids diagnosis was the last thing I thought I had to be concerned with. Especially since they had never shown up on any imaging I've had done. So imagine my surprise when I went in for a uterine surgical procedure only to come out with not only an incomplete procedure but also learning I had... Continue Reading →

“How Are You A Fat Vegetarian??” – An Essay

It’s no secret that plus size bodies are constantly policed and the focal point of public banter. Unfortunately, we have all witnessed it, especially towards public figures who are in larger bodies. Commenters often bypass general common decency and respect, resorting to boldly leaving disparaging remarks on stranger’s social media posts alleging that a fat... Continue Reading →

Fat Health -My Unpopular Opinion

Fat health. If you're hearing that term for the first time it might sound a bit abrasive. However, as a fat person, the word fat is simply an adjective and is never used in a derogatory way when I'm using it. Fat health refers to the health of fat people because apparently fat people have... Continue Reading →

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