Fat Health -My Unpopular Opinion

Fat health. If you're hearing that term for the first time it might sound a bit abrasive. However, as a fat person, the word fat is simply an adjective and is never used in a derogatory way when I'm using it. Fat health refers to the health of fat people because apparently fat people have... Continue Reading →

Medical Trauma: How to Move Forward

Medical trauma is a thing. Whether it is a new term to you or you have personal experience with it; medical trauma is definitely worth discussing. What is Medical Trauma? Believe it or not, I couldn't find one general definition for medical trauma. However, according to the National Child Traumatic Stress network: Pediatric medical traumatic... Continue Reading →

Does What We Eat Really Matter?

I remember a time when I never really consciously considered what I ate outside of "does this taste good?" Growing up in a large family, food was a necessity and my parents main concern was balance and buying what they could afford. I think it goes without saying that the affordable foods are always the... Continue Reading →

My 400 LB Life

My 400 lb life may seem like click bait; but I promise you it is not! My name is AP and I really am 400+ lbs...440 (depending on the day lol) to be exact. Most of you reading this are probably cringing at the very thought of ever being my size. It's probably made you... Continue Reading →

Recap: The Chronicon

If you're an avid reader of my blog (first of all thank you!) then you are super familiar with The Chronicon and what it is since I interviewed the creator Nitika Chopra here. Check it out to get all the tea on how The Chronicon was born! Leading up to The Chronicon I had been... Continue Reading →

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